Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My neglected poetry

Last year poetry was my big thing. I wrote tons of poetry for months, and loved writing it. Mind you, most of it sorta sucked, it I like writing in that manner. I just wanna say a couple of things about my poetry before ya'll start criticizing me for it. I tend to write with a lot of random line breaks, not very much rhyme and no meter. Why? because it's boring. Okay, it isn't actually, but I really just don't like that stuff, when I write about something I want to just say it. I am just starting accept punctuation :S. Basically, I think the words are the most important part, so that's what I tend to focus on. Anyway this was all leading up to a poem I'm writing just for you! Hope you like it, feel free to say whatever you think, I love the feedback :)

The Delicate Flower

We named it the Delicate Flower,
my sister and I.

Blue and silver, dented and chipped all over,
nothing flower like.

The black, plastic, screen stares out at me,
lacking its former pixels.

I can remember holding it in my hand,
the plastic was always warm in my hand, sweaty even.

The hidden keys became popular with use and gain black spots,
and the letters slowly disappearing with the days.

The frustration when I wouldn't get a text,
when the body split apart with a snap and the screen black.

I dropped you, so many many many times,
so you began to drop my calls.

(can you guess yet?)

Such a silly thing, to be attached to a phone,
yet the only way to talk.

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