Thursday, April 28, 2011

My writing: a spoken word poem.

Okay so here's an attempt at a spoken word poem. I NEED to know what you think, and yes Taylor your featured. :)

My Writing

My writing is important to me!
I spend hours sitting at the computer working… on my farm…
I don’t rhyme or sing, I play with words and aliteration, allusions, allegory, analogy and that’s just the A’s!

My writing takes time, like a very aged cheese.
Hours and hours of slaving at midnight and days and days of running around town.
Cups and cups of coffee, sugar and chips.

My writing doesn’t make me money.
You won’t find my writing in any magazine or book.
My writing makes me poor.

My writing won’t give me wealth or jewels, but maybe a loaf or bread or two.
One day I’ll be your boss! If you work at winners and are between the age of 16 and 21…
Everything looks better when your at the bottom of the pile.

My writing doesn’t have a devoted following.
My blog has four followers, and one serial commentor.
She’s 14 and from New England. She likes exclaimation marks.

My writing hasn’t won awards or prizes.
It hides it self in the depths of my computer and the vast desert of the internwebz.
It’s like a shy child waiting for the right moment to stick its toe in the water and it’s head out the door or the oven, if you want to go that route.

My writing is all up here (in my head).
It spans a life time or two and doesn’t have an ending or beginning, because truly, what story does?
And now your asking if it’s up here, is it even writing?

My writing, it’s damn important me!
Let me tell you something about my writing.
It’s me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer and free time

In true Terri fashion I have starting reading, but not from my summer reading list, which is barely a memory. I'm great at writing lists, but not so great at following them. That's why I've written so many. Anyway I don't really have a theme for this post, but there are a few things on my mind, so a lists and paragraph for each.

It's been awhile since I actually dated someone... since I even liked some beyond seeing them across the class room and thinking they were cute... which are how all of my crushes go and no further. Now that I have some free time I realized I could have a summer fling, I suppose. Although I don't know if I could emotionally handle that and I'm horribly picky. Plus the guys that I usually like hardly ever like me back... mostly because I can't think of three words to say to them. In the past I've used online dating to get over my boy-shyness, but honestly, not worthing it. I mostly met very strange guys... :S ick. Anyway I don't really know that many guys either... my soul circle consists of a few close friends and then I a lot of acquaintances with friendship potential. The closest thing I have to a crush right now is the hot guy in serious coffee who I totally intend to stalk for the rest of the summer, plus I swear he smiled at me. Yeah, this is going no where.

Cleaning and shit.
So today I cleaned out my room and reorganized it. It took most of the afternoon, but was totally worth it because now I have waaaaaaay more space. I'm very pleased and I did most of it by my self! Yay. It also made me think about moving, once again, something that has been on my mind for awhile. I'm old enough that some people expect me to live on my own, my younger sister keeps asking me to move out with her, but I don't feel it would be a realistic decision at this point because she doesn't have a job and I barely make enough to support my spending habits without extra living expenses. Not that I'm very bad with money, but I save a lot of it for school. I've thought a lot about the moving thing and decided that I'd rather stay at home until I finish my undergrad degree then move out while I'm doing my masters, mostly because I'll have to change cities anyway. It all makes sense to me, I guess I'm one of those young adults who isn't ready to grow up yet, I mean I really like to be independent, but I love my family and they are the people I spend the most time with, is there anything wrong with that?

Wooooooork! ugh.
So I'm sorta looking for a new job... sort of. I have a job interview tomorrow, but doubt I'll get it, even though the job sounds way cooler than my current one and pays like $3 more, even after my recent raise. It's a job to stand on the street corners of DT and ask people to donate to a charity, most of the young people doing it are university age and very enthusiastic, plus I know a girl who works for them and she says it's awesome. So yeah, sounds like my cup of tea :). I get super nervous about job interviews so hopefully this one goes okay, the guy did say it was a group interview, which is better, but still, wish me luck! I really really cannot bare the idea of being at my current job for the entire summer, the idea is making me depressed.

This is kind of a failure right now. I was supposed to be writing for a newspaper, sort of, but I haven't heard back from the editor at all! I don't want to keep harassing her, but I really want to keep harassing her. I'm not sure what to do about it. I actually finished a draft of a short story for once, and sent it to my two most trusted editors to read, right now I'm letting it veg and I'll edit it with the feed back which is just an excuse not to edit it myself. I honestly don't know whether I like it or not. I like the character, but I'm not so crazy about the writing. It sounds very juvenile... dunno what else to say about it. I also have this weird thing going on with my right arm which is causing it to ache and be sore if I use it alot, very bad for heavy computer use, typing and writing by hand. I know I need to get it checked out, but I don't like doctors very much, so yeah, been procrastinating that. I am also going to try spoken word poetry! I went to a poetry slam with some friends recently and it was really awesome I love the medium and I think it's time I did something a little more outgoing. Plus everyone there is super supportive, they were cheering on crappy poetry, just because they liked it or related to it. I love that atmosphere! I haven't figured out what to perform yet, or really written anything, but my sister is being super pushy about it and now I've told all of you, so I have encouragement! :D

Movies, partying, beaches and shopping.
I know I should get some writing done this summer, and spend time not spending money, but it's so hard! I already have waaay to many plans happening, it's awful. The first week of freedom involved almost all of the above, if you've been reading my previous blog posts you know this already. I just haven't had a beach day yet, but that's only because it's to early in the 'summer'. I am the sorta gal who likes to have fun. If I don't enjoy something I get unhappy and withdraw, at the same time, I try to put a positive spin on everything and not focus on the shitty stuff. The consequence of this is? I can have a good time almost any where, with just about anyone. This is awesome, but can also suck, because sometimes I genuinely don't like something, but will do it because a friend that I really want to spend time with likes it and yeah it's kinda shitty. The other day at my BFF house I had to watch Degrassi with her. Enough said. But yeah, I already have more plans for coffee tomorrow, movie night sat and sun and probs some coolness in between those days.... just haven't planned anything... yet.

Okies! So that is all I've gotta update for now. Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been lazy and my arm is sore so I've been trying not to type as much, I'm hopefully going to the doctors tomorrow! I'll have a new list post of something soon, dunno what, but it will come. I still wanna do a haul post, but I gotta get my camera back from my friends place first, sooo that might not be for a bit, until then if you have any ideas, of posts I could do, let me know and I'll fix something up! <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fiiiiniiiiished! And Epic day.

I am finally finished with exams and papers! 
Today, was awesome. Despite the lameness of the exam. Three essay in one exam, an hour an essay, not cool. My brain definitely felt fried after that and my arm is still sore, it's difficult for me to write for an hour,  let alone three! Ew. 

Anyway the rest of the day turned out amazing. I got home and my sister showed a few minutes after me, we ate then hit up the museum for the afternoon which was awesome cause they had the Emily Carr exhibit on and that was pretty cool. I found it pretty inspirational and shit, I love her guts. The other exhibit which always moves me was the first nations sections of the second floor exhibits. Today it made me especially sad for some reason, I think I was just tired and hungry, but I felt like writing poems and writing angry letters to the government...stuff like that. I just wanted redemption for those people, even though its not my place to ask. Anyway I made my sister leave after that because it just got to depressing and I needed food. 

After this we did not go home, but instead went to WIN for some shopping, this was fun until I had a ghost from my past come to haunt me... i.e. I boy I once drunkenly made out with in the safety of a darkened night club... at least it look liked him and this was sort of a particular boy, particular as in embarrassing and I never ever wanted to see him again. I'm not gonna lie, I sorta hid then creeped on him... so wrong, but it's still kinda a babe despite being a dick. I actually found some cool shit at WIN and was really happy, but not as happy as my little sister because I didn't find a hot red leather skirt! fml. I know in a previous post I condemned the practice of wearing leather clothing, but this skirt changed my mind for ever! It looks completely amazing and hot on her and I am supremely jealous. I was thinking it might be fun to do a haul post, but I kind of think they're super cheesy so I'll refrain from that. 

After the museum and shopping we had dinnies at my dads which was gross and yummy... As in some dishes were gross and others were good. It was time for the highlight of our day... the Vic Slam! Or Victoria Poetry Slam. So. Much. Fun. I love poetry and performing arts, it's been a few years since I've taken acting, and I was never very good at it, but I will always appreciate and admire it. So yeah, as my current favour spoken word poet said, "it's like theater and poetry got together and had a baby!" Expect that's not an exact quote and she said it waaaaay more eloquently, but yeah that's what I think of it. I might just perform at the next one, if I can get the courage up to actually get on stage in front of a bunch of strangers... it's been a while... but considering some of the suckiness happening tonight, I think I could do a lot better. A lot of the poems I have right now are a lot better than a couple I heard tonight. I just haven't written anything to be read out loud so that worries me. I also need to state that not all of the poems sucked, and even the ones that were– shall we say, less than?– weren't completely horrible or anything, they had some good parts and some dreadful parts. There was a hot/cold thing used in a love poem that made my very soul shrivel up and die. Also the good people at Cabin 12 who hosted the poetry slam were amazing! The food was great too and the girl who served us was super nice, helpful and friendly the entire night. Plus all the employees there got into the slam as well, it had a really cool community-like vibe to it which I loved and some amazing art work on the walls. Made me happy. 

I am feeling all inspired and shit with the amount of cool things I've done today. Tomorrow I may just hide in a coffee shop DT for the day and write, because I have a lot of ideas and I'm loving it! Inspiration is the best. 

After the Slam my friends and I headed, first, to the movie theaters, then realize that nothing good was playing, we headed over to peacock for some billiards which was a good time. The only sucky thing about it was that I was super tired and really suck the entire time, not that I'm good at pool or anything, but this was especially bad... it didn't help that a really cute older guy, who was great at pool was playing his friend at the table next to ours... I think he worked there but I swear he was checking me out... probably all up in my head... lol. Also I forgot, at one point, to go back and pay for my tea which was embarrassing because I'd literally been at the counter a minute before and went back for a different reason. After the pool Joanna and I walked our friend Raya to her car, then walked home attempting to avoid all the drunks who kept staring at are legs... it was like we had big glowing arrows, look here! look here! Seriously, pervs. Ugh. I just dislike drunk people when I'm not drunk... Anyway the night was great as well, it was the perfect causal celebration of finishing school and tomorrow night is dinner with Kayla and dancing at Touch! Ma fave club where the bouncers are fucking cool and remember you every time. LOVE IT. I hate places where bouncers are douche bags, such as 9one9 (lamest name ever btw and the club matches that in lameness, hardly ever have a good time there...). 

SOOOOOOOO I need yo help, where is the best coffee shop to hide in for writing dt? I may just jip out and head home or do something with a girlfriend instead, which would be super fun and super unproductive... I must defeated my unproductiveness! BLAAAAAAAAH!

This is a ridiculously long post and I apologize, it's to late for my and I am a little tipsy/excited about my freeeeedooooooom eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So apologies... and comments! LAAAAA 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's change the ending!

Sometimes, when you read an especially good book, you aren't happy with the ending. I just finished Adeline Mowbray by Amelia Opie last night. It was awesome. The plot devices I love the most about 18th century fiction is everything works out for the characters in the end and no characters are left out. In this way 18th century fiction feels contrived to a modern reader, especially someone used to reading contemporary fiction. When I read these novels I attempt to suspend my belief for a little bit and just give myself up to what I see as a good story and nothing else. The majority of 18th century novels would not have been considered simply a "good story" they were viewed as moral tales, meant to instruct people in proper conduct and warn them against following immodest paths. Of course this cannot define all 18th century fiction, some of it was deemed inappropriate and silly stories or romances.

So now you have your intro to 18th century fiction lets move on! The novel I read clearly falls into the first category, it is a warning against what will happen if you do not conform to social norms and behave in a virtuous manner. Adeline, basically, gets some wrong ideas about marriage from a book she reads. Since her mother has neglected her education in order to write and perfect an education system for her daughter Adeline is left neglected and forms her own, harmful (in the era) ideas about things, especially marriage. The mother and daughter head to Bath where the daughter meets the revered author of some of the books she has studied, most notably the books condemning marriage. Adeline and Glenmurry fall in love and after her mothers tragic marriage to the ill-fated Sir Patrick the elope together. Glenmurry is slowly dying and Adeline takes care of him for the last of his illness. Unfortunately for Adeline she refuses to marry him and is condemned as a "kept mistress" unfit for society. Glenmurry dies and Adeline attempts to take care of herself for awhile, but due to the prejudices of society she is forced into a seemingly good match with Glenmurry's cousin, Berrendale. Unfortunately the match goes sour and Berrendale leaves Adeline and their young daughter for Jamaica where he remarries, despite still being married to Adeline (which he denies ever happened). Adeline becomes sick with the small pox and never quite recovers from it. She decides that it is time to fulfill her mothers oath that she would not see Adeline again until she was punished for her sins and on her death bed. Adeline and her daughter move to a house close to her mother and after some strange "coincidence" they meet once more.

Now this is what I would change. Adeline, before seeing her mother again, decides that her daughter has the best chance of happiness and not following in her foot steps if Adeline is dead. So it seems like she decides to die, of course if she was dying from sickness she probably had no choice, but if I was Opie, I would have had Adeline have a startling and happy recovery, I would also have Colonel Morden (a previous love interest) not marry someone else, but show up as Adeline was recovering and marry her. I think that this character completely deserved a happy ending! This is probably due to the fact that I really really liked her! I wish Opie had written another novel about Adeline, but alas since both the character and author are dead this is impossible and since I'm not one for writing fan fiction you shan't see me rewriting the novel!

Anyway enough ranting about the novel and back to novel number two Caleb Williams by William Godwin, which I must add, I absolutely hate. I liked it at first, but it has been getting progressively more dull as a read it. Not cool. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stuff I like.

It's that time again! Terri's list of random shit she's likes/made her smile! 

High school friends


writing in the middle of the night

desks in front of windows

empty coffee shops

60s fashion


contemporary surrealist art 

30 Rock




Sarah Slean

Grunge rock

red ribbon

Peruvian pepper plants

American Pickers 

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

some songs I like

I've been planning this list for awhile, just haven't got around to it since I still have school...I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now, but I just can't get the motivation to actually start, I will probably start it late tonight and stay up till like 2 working on it and do that same thing tomorrow. I just need the idea to hibernate? lol that sounds like a really bad excuse, it is, and it's true. Anyway moving on from my procrastinating techniques, here are some of my favourite songs. Please remember that this list is by no means conclusive, there are many many songs I really like/love, I'm just picking the ones which I listen to the most and I have loved/liked for the longest. I will try to exclude songs I like for only sentimental value, but I'm sure some will creep in.

In no particular order (as always!)

Some favourite songs:

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson: kinda a gong show, I know, and I couldn't tell you what I love about this song, expect that when I'm really pissed off about anything and I feel like I can't get deal with shit I listen to it, on high until I feel better. It's been awhile actually, which is probably a good thing... I also really like The Nobodies, Running to the Edge of the World, and well actually I like most of his songs so I'll leave you with those three. 

Disclaimer: PLEASE be warned that this video can be graphic! If you are not comfortable with this DO NOT WATCH IT.

The Beautiful People

The Nobodies

Running to the Edge of the World

Run by Snow Patrol: when I was 15 I listened to this song a lot, cause my parents were divorcing. The only reason I found it was because I was looking for another song which played on the radio before it... I NEVER found that other song! I spent literally a couple of years attempting to find it and I never did... :( Anyway I especially love the line "To think I might not see those eyes/Makes it so hard not to cry/And as we say our long goodbye/I nearly do" I know, super mushy, I just like a good tragedy I suppose...


I've never actually watched this video so if it's shit I apologize.

Anything by Lily Allen. She's cute and cheeky, I <3 her. I know her music is.. 'cliche?' and she's like pop-y n'shit, but her songs are pretty amusing. If you haven't heard Alfie you should, it makes me laugh.



And her best video: Who'd Have Known! 

The Clash: well most songs by the clash. The Guns of Brixton and London Calling stand out as two of my favorites, basically all of their album London Calling is amazing. Some of their older and newest stuff is a little sketchy, because they start leaning more towards ska than punk and I prefer the punk style myself, but they are still amazing. I just wish I could have seen them live in their hay-day that would truly be awesome.

The Guns of Brixton

London Calling

Metric. All her songs I'm afraid. I don't think I've heard one that I don't like... Twilight Galaxy is especially awesome, and my favourite Raw Sugar, I've listened to that one on repeat for ages before. I also really love the lyrics to most of their songs. If you want to know more check out my post with Emily Haines: here.

Twilight Galaxy 

Raw Sugar

I Believe In a Thing Called Love-The Darkness. LOVE this song! I'm not one for super cheesy love songs, unless they can be laughed at (with) which this one can, I mean have you ever seen the video? Major amusement.

I Believe In a Thing Called Love

Chasing Pavements-Adele. This was my favourite song for ages and ages, it had the most play counts on my itunes for like a year or so, then I guess I just got sick of it or something, but I still listen to often and still love it. There are just new songs in my life, such as Adele's new song Rolling in the Deep. I am completely in love with her voice in that song, soooo amazing.

Chasing Pavements

Rolling in the Deep

I'm Your's-Jason Mraz. I heard this song before it became really popular and loved it. I don't like the version on the radio as much as the one I've got, which is possibly an EP of some sort? Dunno, I'm not even sure where it came from... still, it's awesome. I know, up there somewhere, I said I don't like love songs unless they are amusing/funny. I LIED OKAY. I love this song. I don't really consider it a 'love' song so much as a crush song? Its like someone confessing that they like a person to them for the first time...not necessarily in love. It's fucking cute okay? Stop judging me.

I'm Yours

Nine Inch Nails. Everything, basically. I even like Trent Reznor's strange electronic/instrumental stuff...I listen to it when I study and don't want lyrics. The Good Soldier, Only, and Capital G stand out to my as some favorites, plus I'm convinced that he named The Good Soldier after the book of the same title by Ford Madox Ford, although I am probably wrong, but I'll read it and let you know!

The Good Soldier


Capital G
(apologies for the shit video!)

Smashing Pumpkins-1979. This is my favourite, but I also really really like The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning which was written for, I believe, Batman and played in the trailer for Watchmen. Doomsday Clock is also awesome and I love it as well. Dunno why both these have to do with the end of the world, but we wont question it...


 The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Doomsday Clock 

Bulletproof-La Roux. Every time I go out dancing with my best friends they will jokingly go "Terri! It's your song! It's your song!" when this comes on. So yeah, apparently this is my song, actually I just like it cause I listened to it a lot after I got dumped last, I attempted to become bulletproof myself, then realized how useless it was.


If We Ever Meet Again-Timbaland and Katy Perry. I know some people out their are cringing, possibly gouging their eyes out, okay I'm kidding this song is not that bad! Truly! I actually really do like it. I know this will sound phony or whatever, but I've always felt this song perfectly captures the "clubbing" scene. Not because it's sentimental or anything, but because you know that sentiment is completely fake. It's like getting drunk, becoming best friends with a group of strangers for the night, having the time of your life, then going back to 'real-life' the next day. Okay I KNOW that's not what this song is about, but that's just what it makes me think. Moving on!

If We Ever Meet Again 

She & Him. I know that Zoey Deschemal sang, I just didn't know how goddamn cute her songs were! Sentimental Heart? Awwwwww. In the Sun is the first song I heard, and at first I was kinda ehhh not that great, but then I listened to it again, and again and completely fell in love with her voice. This is the music I listen to when I Want to be happy. Sweet Darlin' and Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? are my two other favorites.

Sentimental Heart 

In the Sun

Sweet Darlin'

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Glycerine-Bush. This is one of my favourite songs. Ever. There was another song of theirs which my friend recommended to me, but I'd never heard any of their other songs, until one day I was like I love this song, lets download them all! So yeah found this one and loooove it. It's slow and steady, yet has that 90s feel to it. 

Underneath it all-No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is awesome in this song, and gorgeous! I like the idea behind the song, it's, again, cute and romantic, yet Gwen always has an element of 90's girl power to her, which I sorta love (although I am aware this song was not recored in the 90s!) Also I felt that since I have her husbands band, I couldn't leave Gwen's out since I love both of them equally! 

Underneath it All 

Blue Orchid-The White Stripes. I love Jack White, seriously, he has some mad talent, he can even act! And he's kinda hot.... kinda...This song is my favourite cause it has such a good beat, but if you look at my play counts Little Room is actually my most played song, which is strange cause it's not even a favourite by a long shot, but still an awesome song. They also apparently have great music videos! :)

Blue Orchid

Little Room

And last but not least!

I Miss you-Blink 182. I know this song isn't like great or anything, but I have always loved it and I love it all the more for its super cool music video. I like how it's a little cheesy and strange and I feel like the guys are poking fun at that sorta thing without losing their cool or ruining a good song. 

I Miss You

I think that is it for now, I could probably make this a lot longer, but if I have to think about the songs to hard, then they can't be really be my favorites, plus this list is already lengthier than I meant it to be. Enjoy and post some of your favourite songs or thoughts on mine!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


I really don't like the background I had on my blog. It bothered me, to gimmicky I guess? Anyway I think I'm just gonna stick with a nice white background for now, but I'll probs wanna change it in like a week or so... oh well.

As I was going through pictures (to find a blog background) I found some interesting things.

An entire folder dedicated to 'sexiness' pretty sure I made that when I was 17 or so... it contained something even MORE exciting! An entire folder dedicated to...


If you don't know who this is then we're obviously not friends... He's the actor who plays Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and for some reason I was totally in love with him in high school... I still think he's pretty fine, if only I could get my ass to England...

Anyway I also found some sweet cartoons by Jeffery Thomas, whom I think is pretty amazing <3. He did the 'twisted princess' cartoon thingies which I LOVE I even dressed up as the sleeping beauty one for halloween :) You can check out his blog here:

Me as sleeping beauty! (sorry for the shitty webcam photo)


The original art work!

I think my costume turned out pretty well, I even sent Jeffery Thomas a picture of it cause I was so excited! lol I am such a loser...

I also found some really cool pictures by this Chinese artist I like, Zhang Hui, whom I think is female? Correct me if I'm wrong... anyway the artist does these really cool paints of girls with big heads, sounds strange but I love them! Check out more of the artist work here:

And lastly I found lots and lots of pictures of myself, cause I'm just so hot n'shit... many of them are of me with dark hair...I seriously cringe now, not with regret, I don't do that, but with a WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING MOMENT, anyway to share what I mean here is a pic of me with ESPECIALLY dark hair... Thank god I never went black... though I did consider it... :S

Again, apologies for the shit quality...I am done talking about pictures, back to studying! BLAAAAAAAAH!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Summer reading list, the short version.

Okay so here is a summer reading list, I will add to it later, because I always add to these things. Just to clarify there are quite a few guilty pleasures on this list, which I will indicate with by putting GP in brackets beside the book title. Enjoy!

Ulysses-James Joyce: this is one I start for school, I read most of it, I have about 3 chapters left, so I feel like it would be kinda sad not to finish this book.

Murphy-Samuel Beckett: again, this is one I read for class and since I know what happens I want to finish it! Plus it was a pretty good read.

Small Island-Andrea Levy: I bought this book ages ago and never bothered to read it, so I wanna get it out of the way, plus the story is intriguing to me right now.

An Abundance of Catherine's-John Green: because I've read all his books but this one and I really want to read it too! Also if you like young adult fiction I highly recommend John Green, he is amazing, he also has an awesome internet community called nerdfighteria.

Room-Emma Donoghue: for some strange reason this book keeps popping up everywhere! I see it or hear about it at the most random times so now I just want to read it!

Dubliner’s-James Joyce: I read one of these stories for an English class in my second year, loved it and have wanted to read the rest since then.

Misguided Angel-Melissa de la Cruz (GP): totally hooked on this series even though I know it's pretty lame...

Lost in Time-Melissa de la Cruz (GP): need to finish the series, SHUT UP OKAY SCHUYLER REALLY COOL!

Hunger games-Suzanne Collins: I keep hearing about how amazing these books are and since I love young adult fiction I really want to read them!

Mortal instruments-Clarissa Clare (GP): started the series now I need to finish it.

The Remains of the Day-Kazuo Ishiguro: Love, love, loved

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall-Kazuo Ishiguro

The Sentimentalists-Johanna Skibsrud: I started reading this randomly on my iphone and thought it was pretty cool so now I want to finish it.

Persuasion-Jane Austen: because this is the only Jane Austen book I HAVEN'T READ! Actually I just realized that's not true, I haven't read Northanger Abbey either...

Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen: see above

Jorge Luis Borges collected fictions: I love this man. Seriously, so hot, okay I'm kidding, but he does have awesome eyes and I'd probs have his babies... even though he's like dead, n'shit. Um ignore that unnecessary tangent... Anyway this is another book that I bought (new *gasp*) ages ago that I again, have never read! :S I really want to cause I've read a lot of his poems which I adore and one short story which was awesome and amazing. So yeah, def need to read it for all the aforementioned reasons.

Ahem, so moving on...

Love in the time of Cholera-Gabriel Garcia Marquez: my sister recently stole my copy and read it then told me how amazing it is and how I need to read it... so yeah better get on that, considering she's read the copy I know which I've NEVER EVEN OPENED! :S

Her Fearful Symmetry- Audrey Niffenegger: this one looks pretty awesome and it's by the same girl as "The Time Traveller's Wife" which my sister also told me was awesome (and I don't know, so its okay :P). Anyway I got this for christmas from my dad, who usually picks out weird used fantasy books for me, which I hardly ever read, but this time he got it right!

Okay so that's my book list FOR NOW! I will definitely be adding to it, or posting a part 2 because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of books I want to read! Please hold me accountable for this book list, ask me how I'm doing and if I'm reading them! PLEASE! I will not take offense to a little harassment. And that is all for now, peace? Happy reading I suppose lol.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Brain fried.

I want to write a list of songs I like, because I think it could be mildly amusing and I'd also like to finish my summer reading list which I believe I promised would go up here awhile ago, but alas school demands all of my attention. :(

Trust me, I am not happy about this. Who would be happy when they've spent the last THREE DAYS working on one paper and IT STILL ISN'T ANY WHERE NEAR COMPLETION! I just made it to the second theorist...there are three and I still have to write the play analysis and conclusion, which are thankfully super easy, it's the 'summaries' (I put this in quotations because these summaries are actually analysis of the works as well) which take the time. They are fucking painful. You comb through the papers, which you've already read, yet somehow cannot remember where anything goes in them and just go oh that seems like an important point, lets put that in! That is literally what I've been doing most of the day.

So now your asking, why then, Terri, are you blogging instead of writing your paper? because: I have the fucking attention span of, like, a two year-old...or a kitten on catnip, you choose. It's strange, but when ever I'm working on a paper I seem to spend waaaaay more time on facebook than usual...I mean, not that I don't spend a lot of time on fb, but yeah it's pretty sad, I'm mocked for it shamelessly by my friends... Anyway that's about all I've got to say for now, I guess this is sort of a venting post/apology for not post that book list I keep promising, cause I know ya'll wanna know what I'm reading this summer! (don't lie :P). Anyway back to the torture session (yay!) thank god this paper is due tomorrow, because I couldn't stand working on it for another day, the only down side is having to get up at 6 am to bus into school with my sister and finish editing it :( and on top of that I have a shit load of reading so I'ma probs just be at school aaaaaaalll day :(. Somebody save me pleaaaaaaase!

Some stuff that made me happy this weeeeeeek!

I'm thinking I'm gonna try to do these more often... like weekly... or something. Anyway let me know if that's a good idea. I might not post them all here though, I think I'm gonna go back to posting them on my fb notes, they're feeling neglected. :P

Making dinner

Local bands


The 21st of April!

Sarah Kay

Random conversations with strangers

Being at home



Old man sweaters

Chamomile tea

Leafless trees (or dead trees)



Monday, April 04, 2011

Excerpt, don't mock me!

The other night I was watching TV and writing and my sister (Joanna) asked me what I Was working on, I told her I was writing a story; she then asked why I never posted any of my stories on my blog. Honestly, I've never completed one. I kind of feel ashamed posting a partially completed, unedited story here and I also feel like it isn't the right place for them. However, I do feel like it would be kinda fun for anyone reading this to see what I write. So I'm posting and excerpt from my 2009 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) partially completed novel. This was the first year I did NaNoWriMo and it was a lot of fun so I made my friend write a novel with me this year, in the hopes it would actually be finished unlike last years novel, but alas, we became to busy with exams and it never was completed.

Back to the point. This novel had the working title of "Response" no idea why I named it that, but I must've thought it was cool at the time. It's basically this tragic love story about this girl, Jess, who falls madly in love with this other girl, Sara. Sadly Sara dies from cancer and Jess starts dating a hunky German guy, but not without lots of drama in between. I think this opening scene is when Jess and Sara break up, before they find out about Sara's cancer... also this isn't some sort of sappy love story, okay maybe it is just a little, I just have a strange obsession of writing about romantic relationships, I don't know why this is, but they're my favourite inter-personal relationship to write about. Also the reason I didn't give a very good synopsis for this story is because I can't actually remember most if and I wrote it out of order (see previous list about 'what I've learned'). Honestly I don't even know what was going to happen at the end of the novel. One more thing excuse my excessive use of details, I really like them. I can't help it, sorry.

Excerpt from 'Response':

(Three years ago) (2007)

I waited patiently by the fountain, the water cascading down the sides, and dripping into the pool below. There were coins in the water, shiny copper pennies, tiny silver dimes, so thin looking under that water you almost wondered if they were just slivers of light and not the real thing. There was the odd quarter, larger slivers of silver light and a couple of golden looking loonies nearer the middle. The light danced across the surface, making it shimmer, and the coins glitter. I wait some more, I wanted this day, this moment to be over. I hated myself for what I was about to do, it wasn’t fair, I knew it wasn’t, but I couldn’t see any other way out of the situation.
Finally I saw Sara coming towards me, her long blond locks loose around her shoulders, and as usual she was wearing a simple black tee and black skinny pants. No make-up but the pierced lip, eyebrow, nose and spiral tattoos spoke for themselves. Nobody could ever mistake her for mainstream.
“Hi” I greeted her nervously, I could tell from her expression she knew what was coming, she knew why I had asked her to that place.
“Hello” was her simple reply. We didn’t say anything for a moment or two, just looked into each others eyes, perhaps trying to see what the other was thinking. Finally I looked away, towards the fountain again.
“I don’t love you any more,” I said, still staring at the fountain. I don’t know what I excepted, anger or crying, but I wasn’t expecting the response she gave me.
“I know” she looked down at the ground, as I looked up at her, there was a pebble by her left foot, which she kicked towards me, I resisted the overwhelming urge to kick it back to her. “How long?” she asked now, “how long haven’t you been in love with me?” there was such sadness in her voice, she still looked at the ground, at the rock by my shoe, the one I wouldn’t kick back. I didn’t know what to say to her, she finally looked up at me, expectantly, waiting for my response, the one I couldn’t give.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer for you, at least not one you would want to hear…” I trailed off, unsure of what else there was to say, unsure of what would make the situation better.
“I knew it! I knew this was going to happen, everyone told me not to get involved with you, I should have listened to them.” Sara shook her head, her wispy long blond hair moving with it, back and forth. “I hope you realize how much this hurts” she spoke this with such conviction and pain that I felt like holding her again, wrapping my arms around her narrow, willowy body, and making her feel safe from all the bad in the world, but now I was the bad thing hurting her so I resisted the urge.
She gave me one last painful look, full of remorse and regret, then turned and walked away. I wouldn’t see here again after this, I knew that. I found my self whispering “good bye” as she walked away. The rock was still there, like one last reminder of what we could have been. I looked one last time at the fountain then turned and left that scene forever. I knew I would never be back, because people don’t go back in time, only forwards.


Okay now that I have sufficiently embarrassed myself I'm going to go crawl in a hole somewhere. Hope you like this!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hi concentration, I really need you back right now, k thanks!

Okay so I know the next post was supposed to be a summer reading list, but I have yet to finish that and I feel like writing a post. I guess just to say a few things.

Basically I'm back in Sooke for the summer, depressing, but I plan to make the most of it and I was getting pretty sick of my grandparents. I truly love them, but I only have so much patience. Recently, I wrote a really bad essay about them for my an English class. It had this strange frame narrative that really didn't work and a lot of generalizations. Ick.

Anyway I wanted to write somethings I'll actually miss, because there are actually a few. I'm gonna miss having dinner at the same time every night, cause my mom never does that and my grandparents always eat between 5:30-6 which is awesome cause I'd get home for school everyday and dinner would almost be on the table. I'm also gonna miss reading the paper everyday. I know I can just read it online, but there is something about reading it in print form which I really enjoy. It's my favourite part of the day. I'm also gonna miss how close the bus exchange is to their house. I can practically see it! In Sooke, I have to get my mom to drive me everywhere and I feel like a kid again, good thing she's teaching me to drive this summer! I'm also gonna miss how clean their house in. My mom's house is pretty chaotic most of the time, not to say it isn't clean, but it's not spotless or anything. And lastly I'll miss how quiet it is, I mean they do talk really loud and turn the TV up really loud, BUT the doors are solid wood and block out ALL THE SOUND! Something which the doors at my moms completely fail to do.

Okay so that's it for that portion, I'm honestly not really looking forward to the summer. I really want to read what ever I like, but doubt I'll ever make it through my entire list. I plan to spend much of my free time sitting on beaches and drinking. It shall be a good time. I also plan on working a lot, which shall not be a good time :(. I would like to keep up with this blog, so I'm actually writing something! Please, hold me accountable! PLEASE! Also I think I forgot to post it here, but I wrote a list of things I'd like to do this summer on my tumbler. So go ahead and check that out. There are some cool quotes posted there and a couple of other lists, plus some random pictures I stole :P.

I had some other shit to say, but I've forgotten and I really need to finish reading my obnoxious social theory stuff so I can write the paper in a timely fashion and be fucking finished with this course! Thank god!

Also check back to my previous list cause I'll add to it, there are a couple other things I've learned this week that I forgot about! And that's it.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Another list!

Some things I've learned

I don't really like wearing make-up, it makes your face feel icky and your eyes itch.

Caffeine and sugar don't fix everything...neither does chocolate.

Thinking for yourself is a lot of fun.

When you want the bus to be early it will be late, when you want it to be late it will be on time and when you want it to be on time it will be both.

I really like people. They are the most fascinating thing and I love to know interesting people.

Red is the best colour, no matter what you say (closely followed by purple).

Mothers can't fix everything, sometimes you just gotta do it the hard way: alone.

Glasses always make guys look hotter. No exceptions.

Basing your self-worth against someone else is worthless.

I really can't stand umbrelles, your gonna get wet anyway.

My stories are never linear, I just learned this today, but I don't even think of stories that way, they are always bits and pieces from the present and past, sometimes in the future. I don't think I'll ever be able to write linear stories because of this.

Fashion magazines are really boring. The last one I bought was a couple of months ago and I didn't even read it.

My body was built for skinny jeans.

Sometimes, you should go see the doctor when your sick...taking copious amounts of cold medicines wont always help.

I judge people to harshly, and to often. I had a horrible, awesome moment this week when I was sitting in class listening to one of the guys read his essay out loud. It was a really good essay, interesting, funny insightful all that other bullshit, but I loved it and as I was listening to him I realized how I had completely misjudged his character. I'd had him down as this dumb jock and didn't like him WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING HIM. Anyway, this paper he read gave a completely different person I'd blindly assumed and I felt really bad cause if I hadn't done that I would totally have been friends with him. He genuinely seems like a really cool guy. I needed to explain this story cause that was definitely and 'uh huh!' moment for me.

I also learned sentence structure! YAY! I know I don't always practice correct sentence structure, but I know what it looks like and understand it, so that is awesome.

K so that's my 'things I've learned list' sorta like the other one I wrote, but not... I'm gonna post my summer book list soon after work, so look for that! Oh and if you haven't figured it out, I really like to write lists! :)