Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars and such

I suppose I should talk about the Oscars because it's such a big deal or whatever. Sadly, this year it really wasn't that exciting for me. Usually I love the oscars, but I ended up watching them with my grandparents who are both very hard of hearing so the TV was turned up to 20 (in other words MUCH to loud!) and they would talk every few minutes, ESPECIALLY when something important/awesome was going down. Then, just as they were going to announce best picture, a different channel cut in! My grandparents had no idea what had happened for a good 5 minutes before they checked the TV guide and found it on another channel. Basically I missed best picture :(.

Another reason why I found it kinda lame was because I read all the "predictions" and basically knew who was going to win. Since they were all right it kinda sucked, I like the surprise of the oscars, I like to have unexpected people or movies to win! There was none of that tonight. The last thing that sucks is that I was supposed to go to my friends oscar party, which sounded super fun and shit, but as I had to work, was super hung over, and I had procrastinated way to much I was unable to go :(. I also missed the red carpet because I was working and I showed up late so I stayed an extra half hour, so lame since that's my favourite part! Anyway I basically think the Oscars, for me anyway, kinda blew this year. It was a good show otherwise, but a little lacking, the jokes weren't that funny (except Marilyn Monroe that was great) and I got tired of watching presenters read off of the teleprompters, so annoying! Anyway I'm gonna go look up some movie trailers now (because the oscars always makes me want to watch EVERYTHING) and I'ma check out all the sexy celebs in there beautiful get-ups! I guess there is something to be said for the oscars, they sure know how to put on a show.

Sooooooooooo stunning!

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