Thursday, April 07, 2011


I really don't like the background I had on my blog. It bothered me, to gimmicky I guess? Anyway I think I'm just gonna stick with a nice white background for now, but I'll probs wanna change it in like a week or so... oh well.

As I was going through pictures (to find a blog background) I found some interesting things.

An entire folder dedicated to 'sexiness' pretty sure I made that when I was 17 or so... it contained something even MORE exciting! An entire folder dedicated to...


If you don't know who this is then we're obviously not friends... He's the actor who plays Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and for some reason I was totally in love with him in high school... I still think he's pretty fine, if only I could get my ass to England...

Anyway I also found some sweet cartoons by Jeffery Thomas, whom I think is pretty amazing <3. He did the 'twisted princess' cartoon thingies which I LOVE I even dressed up as the sleeping beauty one for halloween :) You can check out his blog here:

Me as sleeping beauty! (sorry for the shitty webcam photo)


The original art work!

I think my costume turned out pretty well, I even sent Jeffery Thomas a picture of it cause I was so excited! lol I am such a loser...

I also found some really cool pictures by this Chinese artist I like, Zhang Hui, whom I think is female? Correct me if I'm wrong... anyway the artist does these really cool paints of girls with big heads, sounds strange but I love them! Check out more of the artist work here:

And lastly I found lots and lots of pictures of myself, cause I'm just so hot n'shit... many of them are of me with dark hair...I seriously cringe now, not with regret, I don't do that, but with a WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING MOMENT, anyway to share what I mean here is a pic of me with ESPECIALLY dark hair... Thank god I never went black... though I did consider it... :S

Again, apologies for the shit quality...I am done talking about pictures, back to studying! BLAAAAAAAAH!

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Anonymous said...

Going through pictures is always fun, you'll sometimes find great photos you forgot you even had!