Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Three Part Post


Lately I've become exposed to feminism through people I follow on tumblr and people I know in my own life, not to say I didn't know what it was before or had exposure to it, but I'm starting to understand what it means to be a feminist and a lot of things I was okay with before I'm started to feel less okay with. The current disposition of our society to value women for their beauty alone frightens me. It never has before. I wear makeup, of course, not to say I'm not an attractive girl. I am. But so many people don't fall into the category of what attractive means that it saddens me. I know amazing girls who by no means fit into beauty standards and they are less confident and happy for it. I hurts to see that in a society that has progressed so far.

I need to state that I am not saying we should stop admiring beauty, but we should look for the beauty in everyone. I cannot deny that I ardently admire beautiful men and women. I do. I also admire many other beautiful things, but the important part is to not value that person because you find them attractive. That shouldn't be the reason we chose our friends or care about another person. There has to be more than that or your degrading the person to the status of an object. Leading back to feminism and the status of women as objects. The internet is full of it. I cannot deny that I've probably enjoyed a picture or two that showcase a woman in a less than flattering light or role, we all have whether we're willing to admit it or not. I think that we need to be aware of this, we need to think about the role the beauty industry is playing in our society. The thing I notice the most is when you look back at your old yearbooks and realize how similar everyone looks and how the the 'hot' guys or 'pretty' girls really don't look all that hot or pretty. It's crazy what memory does to us.

Anyway those are some of my thoughts on feminism from a beauty aspect. I know it's inconclusive, but that is what I've got to say for now.


I call this the YOLO mentality. You Only Live Once is of course, true (unless you believe otherwise then I apologize if I've offended you). But should you exploit this? Should you waste your life doing drugs, partying and generally doing whatever you like? It is not for me to say. But still, I'm opinionated and I have a theory about this mentality, which I'd like to present whether you agree or disagree. I believe the 'yolo' mentality is directly tied to the declining role which religion plays in our society. Since this idea is prevalent in youth it makes sense since many of them tend to be less religious as a whole (of course I am generalizing horribly because their are many religious youth, and I have no facts to back this up it is simply based on observation). This has led to a decline in belief in an afterlife to work towards. There is less desire to live a morally correct life because there is no reason too. There is no reason to not do drugs or get drunk every night or party, whatever. The only person who will pay is you right? Wrong. Although it makes sense, so many people pay for youths with this mentality. The hospitals and polices that have to deal with youth who do drunks and drink to much. The parents that have to see their child amount to (in their eyes) nothing. Society, of course has a very bourgeois attitude, your supposed to grow up want to be a teacher or doctor or whatever and have a nice cozy job with a white picket fence and family etc. You know the story. But what happens if our youth are too busy out partying and doing drugs and just generally fucking around? What is going to happen if we don't grow up?

 I won't lie, I have issues with the whole middle-class dream. It doesn't appeal to me very much. I don't really want some office job where I have to sit inside all day, where I can't get out and get around and interact with people. Yet, as much as

  which leads to a mentality that you aren't going to get another chance to do everything you want to do, so why not? 

Kony 2012

Briefly I'd like to state that what interests me the most about this is not the level of credibility in the Invisible Children organisation, but the power of the media and social networking to spread this message and get people talking and thinking about it. I find that pretty cool, especially since I hadn't heard of Joseph Kony before. I am sorry that I was less aware, but I'm glad that someone is trying to make people aware, I think that is the important bit.

Okay so those were the three things I've been meaning to post about. Sorry this post is a little rough because I've been really busy and I haven't had time to edit them and now I haven't got a computer so it's even harder! Anyway good night bloggers!