Monday, December 12, 2011

The White Stripes and ear sex

I really love the white stripes right now. They're music is all raw and gritty, but flows and makes you wanna tap out a beat to go with it. Jack White's voice is smooth and has country-ish feeling and super sexy. I just, I don't know... something about that combination is super hot. Like I feel the music to my very core when I listen to it. Not even the words or anything, which usually touches me in songs, but the music. The cords of the guitar, the drums, they vibrate right through you. It's just lovely, lovely, lovely loveliness. The way it sounds reminds me of sex, but not even the act of having sex, or the feeling, but the fundamental idea of feeling really good through your entire body. Now I'm not saying this music is making me come or anything like that, ew guys no. Just no. But it's like inside of you, but not containable, so your sitting there just moving with it and tapping out a beat to go along (but you always get it wrong) and it just feels right, and good and happy.

Fuck I just love the White Stripes.

Ermmm sorry about this really lame post. I was feeling like writing about it for awhile. Anyway I'ma call this ear sex or like music sex I guess... both of which sound really weird, but I'm not sure what else you would call it. Ideas?

Anyway maybe someone out there knows what I'm on about and can contribute to this idea... Also I'd like to note that just because The White Stripes is my ear sex doesn't mean I think it is gonna be the same for everyone. We all listening to music differently and different sorts of music. Don't feel stupid or sad, whatever, if the White Stripes isn't your ear sex, it doesn't have to be. I'm just saying that I'm not attempting to force my opinion on anyway, or suggest this is just a certain kind of music. It isn't. It will be different for everyone.

That is all, good night!

Friday, December 09, 2011

How I am one big fat stereotype.

So this post is about stereotyping, and how I am one. It'll be a list, because as you all know, I love my lists. So here we go, how Terri is one big fat stereotype. 

1. I'm a student

2. I'm an english major

3. I am going to be a librarian. 

4. I'm a writer (in one form another). 

5. I shop at thrift stores.

6. I am a nerd. 

7. I don't like wearing name brands.

8. I'm a locavore.

9. I collect books.

10. I have a blog. 

11. I own apple products. 

12. I spend hours hanging out in coffee shops.

(Have you figured it out yet?)

13. I am unwilling to spend more than $10 on food. 

14. My major talents include procrastinating. 

15. I like to get drunk and dance, a lot. 

If you don't get this, then I dunno... :(
Your lame! lol 
Have a fun rest-of-semester lovelies. I'm gonna go bury myself in a dark cave somewhere... 

Friday, December 02, 2011

Can't you feel?

It crept up my spine, forming Icicles
And brushed against my skin making mountains with one lone trunk appear everywhere.
My feet were blue, even in the comfort of my socks.

I watch you dash around an empty kitchen, 
pink cheek'd and merry, 
your bareness offends my body.
You glow, bask, revel even
in the kitchen's dark dankness.

For me, there is an incomprehensibleness about you.
Do you not feel? do you not know? 
Can't you see my icicle, my blue feet, my mountains?
Can't you feel the cold?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Boyfriend requirements; Or why I'm still single (a list)

So this is a list of things I require in a man.
And I'm joking. But I still thought it'd be funny to write, so here ya'll are, my boyfriend requirements; or as as it should be more adeptly titled, why I'm still single.

(in no particular order...)

1. MUST be able to hang clothing on a hanger correctly when trying said clothing on in the Winners fitting room. Double the points if he can hang up men's dress pants correctly.

2. Must also be an anglophile. If you don't know what this is you should probably just move along.

3. Must be able to write in full sentence and not use abbreviations, or slang– when being serious.

4. Must be able to argue.

5. Must drink tea or caffeine (the above point should indicate why)

6. Must understand that I was in love with Johnny Depp, David Tennant, Alan Rickman, Ryan Gosling, Rupert Grint, Neil Gaiman, Byron, Jorge Luis Borges, Brad Pitt, The Doctor, my dad (errr I don't mean anything sexual about some of these men, I just mean they are men that I love more than I will; or could, love you) and probably a whole flack of other men as well. In other words: YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST MAN IN MY LIFE!

7. Must not be a crier. I do not like crying. If you cry you can sleep on the couch (not that I have one so you can sleep on your couch [if you even have a couch; dunno maybe you'll be homeless or live with your parents or a buddhist; I REALLY JUST DON'T KNOW!], or the floor, whatever; you just wont be beside meeee muahahahaha!)

8. Must actually be the Doctor, with a striking resemblance to David Tennant or Matt Smith (preferably Tennant) OR willing to dress up as the Doctor on demand.

9. Must like pickles (this is an actual requirement, I am NOT joking).

10. Must have insomnia, because I do and it'd be awkward to be the only one awake all night (plus really really dull).

11. You must not be afraid of the colour pink. It is in no way going to upset your 'manliness' (but you might get hit on by a lot of well dressed guys).

12. You must shave on a regular basis. I'm sorry making out with a hairy face gives me a rash, which is not very hot and you want your girl to be hot right? Riiiiiiight?

13. Must like fantasy and sci-fi, also must like reading. I read a lot; I'm nerdy; you should be too– get over it.

14. Must also have internet addiction so we can videochat while in the same house because we're to lazy to move to the room the other person is in.

15. Must be taller than me. It's way more fun to kiss you then.

16. Must like to cuddle. I like to cuddle and your a guy so your probably warm, cuddling WILL happen; it'd be better if you enjoyed it.

Some things about me to accept/know

1. Must accept my CRAZY love of pickles. I hold (and truly believe) that any thing (I do mean ANYTHING) will taste better pickled. Anything.

2. Must be able to appreciate and accept my strange fascination with obnoxious, rude, ridiculous guys (i.e. Nathan from Misfits [if you don't know what show that is you should probably just stop reading here and move one]); I don't actually want to date one, they're just really fucking hot.

3. Must understand that I will probably angrily rant a commercials when I'm in a bad mood; I just don't like them! I don't like to know that people are attempting to sell me shit, I take it better when they act all discreet and pretend they are my friend.

4. Must accept my siblings. IF you do not then you are out. They are my babies.

5. Must appreciate my mind over my body.

6. Must accept that I am always right. In EVERY instance, but must also argue with me, then let me win and have lots of crazy angry sex.

7. Must accept my strange fascination with books, and the fact that I buy endless numbers of them for no particular reason, other than to stare at them.

8. Must watch at least a season of Gilmore Girls so that he understands where all my knowledge of
relationships comes from and why I am the way I am.

I am ending this portion of the list here because a) I don't need potential boyfriends knowing EVERYTHING about me in advance and b) it could get really really long and you'd get bored.