Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A letter to an annoying man.

Hi there sir,

Your pointless jabbering is hurting my ears please shut up. That woman, your with, what do you want with her? Is she your date, or your girlfriend? And why do you think sayings something "isn't a sexist thing" makes it not a sexist thing. If you hadn't said that it wasn't then nobody would think that it was because you wouldn't have drawn attention to it. But you did say it, and unless it was actually sexist, you just made it sexist. If it was sexist to begin with then you did not make it any less sexist by claiming that it wasn't sexist. This is a vicious circle, and no, you shan't escape. That is all I have to tell you, now go drink your coffee somewhere else, and



P.S. You are fat and old and your glasses make you look pretentious, also your conceited. That is all. 

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