Monday, March 14, 2011

A mystery guitar man (with glasses)

Lately, I have put my love life on the back burner completely. I just have to many other commitments to even care about it, but then there are some days I kinda wish I hadn't. Days like today. When a perfectly friendly, nice looking stranger attempts to amuse and make conversation with you. I actually feel pretty bad for the guy, not only did I shoot down his efforts at conversation, I also made him miss the bus. And as any singleton knows, even one who has decided to set aside their love-life for the present, there is always a little regret involved when you reject someone unintentionally, no matter how unlikely the outcome of pursuit may have been. There is always that moment of WHAT WAS I THINKING! He had guitar AND glasses! Truly! What was I thinking???? Oh well there's always next week on the much for putting my love-life on hold...

Mystery-glasses-guitar-man, know, that just for a moment I may have been interested in you and know that I will always wonder what may have happened. As I will wonder what happened with so many other men I dared not pursue.

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