Saturday, February 26, 2011

The inspirational women list! (first ever cheesy "inspiration" list, don't judge!)

I need to apologize first. I don't usually like writing lists like this, so I'm gonna try and make it as painless and un-sappy as possible, promise! I'd also like you to note that this list is in no particular order, it's just a list of people who inspire me/are cool an' shit. Okay here me go!

1. Michelle Phan
Because: she's isn't another bimbo on youtube just doing make-up tutorials, she has actually created career for herself, an extremely successful career. I also admire how honest and open she is with her viewers, there is never any bullshit about it, she tells them how it is with out being cynical or bitchy. That is what I admire the most. She makes me want to help starving children and rescue puppies! She makes me want to be a better person basically, to get out there and help people.

2. Chriselle Lim
Because: I listed Michelle, she has also created a complete business for herself. I love how she starts as a model then realizes she wants to do more, my theory is: she realized she was too intelligent for the job. Her shear drive and professionalism. It makes me believe that I can accomplish anything, maybe I don't know what that is yet and I'll take a couple different paths, but I'll get there.

3. Tamora Pierce
Because: she has written sooooo many good books and they all have empowered females in them. Also she made me love reading, stories and books in general. I owe a lot to this woman. She makes me see that author's can be successful writing in a genre they love and she makes me want to be a better writer.

4. Oprah Winfery
Because: she awesome. Sure they're some things about her I love to hate, but at the end of the day her story is so inspiring and what she does for the world that it's really hard to hate on her. She makes me want to work hard enough to be really successful and meet her :P
No really though, she makes me see what hard work and dedication to something you love can do.

5. Jane Austen
Because: she had mad writing skillz. I love writers, especially female ones. Jane Austen has to be the one who has effected my life the most, I grew up reading her books, having them read to me and watching film adaptations of her books. I love that her writing is so timeless and her sense of humour was amazing. The fact that she started writing so young and had so many books published is pretty awesome, especially in an era where women weren't treated as equals. She makes me realize how much easier I have it in a lot of ways. Not to sound as if it's really easy or something, it isn't. But i'm pretty lucky, imagining what her life was like makes me grateful for all the options I have in mine. Also she was such an amazing writer, the way she creates memorable characters, characters with human flaws, yet keeps them in a frame work appropriate for herself as a writing is amazing. Her use of satire is my favourite part, I want to write like that one day.

6. Tina Fey
Because: she is hilarious. Everything I've seen her in is awesome. I also completely relate to Liz Lemon, which I don't actually think is a good thing :S. She just makes me want to be funny and make people laugh and smile more.

7. Natalie Portman
Because: She is such a stunning actress, legit. Every role i've seen her in is awesome, she just gets right into and does her thing, and she incredible at it. Even in bad movies she, some how, comes out doing well. Also she is so goddamn talented! It makes me want to follow what I'm good at so I can be as good at it as she is at acting. (I just have to figure out what that is :S)

8. The Bronte Sisters
Because: they wrote all their books from there isolated living situation. It just shows that you don't have to have all these great life experiences to be a great writer. Which gives me hope for myself :P.

9. Queen Elizabeth I
Because: really? Do I need to explain this one? Okay fine!
She's ruled a kingdom, very successfully, at a time when women had no power, at a time when it was not thought that a women was capable of running a kingdom AND she did it all with out getting married. She was also highly educated and intelligent for her time. I've adored her for some long I don't know how you couldn't think she was fucking amazing.

10. Charlotte Smith
Because: she was forced to take care of her family, through her writing! She is also considered the first woman of letters, which is pretty sweet. Her poems are amazing (in my opinion) the elegiac sonnets were my favourite, so lovely, so melancholy, well written, awesome.

11. Sylvia Plath
She is such a sob story, yet her writing is so powerful. I love that about her, (also i just love a good tragedy :S). She had a difficult go of it, living in a time when they didn't have fancy drugs or therapies of mental illness. It's just to bad that she died so young, I always find that the most heart breaking part because she could have gone on to write so much more! I sometimes just want to emulate the power and directness of her writing, it makes you stop and gasp or catch your breath, that is what I love about her.

12. Lady Gaga
Because: she is so goddamn inventive! I'm sorry, but I realize every era has that one person that does crazy shit, also don't tell me she is "copying" I'm copying. Your copying. That is a natural side product of human society, we all copy someone, we get our ideas and inspiration from some where. Anyway I love her. The meat dress? I'm sorry but that did it for me, the statement alone there was awesome.

13. Gwen Stefani
Because: She's fun. No Doubt was just some kids messing around and they became successful and were, in my opinion, pretty awesome. Then she grew up, she actually did, not like some stars who just grow older and still party and mess around. No, Gwen got married and had a baby, (possibly two? I don't really follow this shit) and she disappeared for awhile, which i admire. She took some time out to be with family and that is really important. And anyone who is following her on fb or twitter knows she is working on a new album :)!

14. Emily Haines
Because: I love her voice! I love her lyrics and her band. I think I have heard almost every song and they're all awesome. I looooover her lol. I find her lyrics amazing, sometimes a little emo, but I'm a sucker for emoness so that's okay. It just reminds me of poetry and contains some really awesome imagery which is different from other stuff I've heard. I know she's sorta passe now or whatever, but I still love her. Legit.

15. My mom.
Because: um duh she's my mom. I know this list just got super cheesy and your feeling finished with it. I dunno I just think that if your mom doesn't inspire you on some level, that would kind of suck. My mom is pretty amazing. She KNIT me an entire SWEATER for Christmas for christ sakes, without me even knowing (albeit I don't really live at home anyway). Don't lie, your a little jealous and now thinking that's pretty awesome. She's also the most amazing cook I know. I don't know what i'll do when I have to cook for my self, probably just starve.

16. My nana
Because: she is an amazing woman. She raised 5 kids! 5! I mean I can't imagine raise one or two, let alone five! Also she has good manners, yet some how always says what ever is on her mind. She can be blunt and honest, yet some how has tact. She is a little old fashioned, but it's mostly cute. She once when I was helping in the kitchen she told me it was good practice for when I had a husband. At first I was a little mad, but I got over it quickly. Another time she sent me a thank-you card with a good looking mexican guy on it. Cheekily adding his name inside. Such an old tart.

Anyway this is my list! Hopefully it's not to lame/weird/long/short/etc
I don't really know if I explained how the people inspire me enough, but whatevs it's a first list. Also you may have noticed I really enjoy lists, not sure why this is, but yeah there might be a lot of them in the future.

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