Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some reasons why my sister is awesome.

It's funny cause I'm writing this blog post with my sister, Joanna, sitting across from me. Any I'm feeling affectionate towards my sister today so i'ma write her a post. I was gonna make this a numbered post, but I really don't feel like living it so close ended... & here we go!

She just baby sat my computer for an hour (50 mins) when I went to class.

She talks more than anyone I know, expect maybe myself and right now she is reading to herself.

She keeps me grounded, i.e. pointing out when I'm being completely stupid and ridiculous.

She's wont answer any of my questions so I have to answer them myself.

She's pretty much the smartest person I know (sorry).

She gets all my really bad jokes, and the good ones, she also understands my ridiculous sense of humour.

She likes the same stuff that I do, same movies, same TV, same music, most of the time.

She likes cupcakes. Enough said.

We're going to start a potato collective. We also have many other crazy ideas.

As well as being super smart, she also has a really good sense of style.

She understands why I like farmville. Cute animals, I swear.

She's the only person I trust to give me the most honest advice and to critique stuff for me, because of said honesty.

She's basically my best friend.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have an awesome relationship with your sister! My sisters are pretty much my best friends, too- I mean, it's hard not to be friends with people you live and grow up with. :) Great post!