Saturday, March 26, 2011

If you were wondering...this is how my brain works.

So I'm eating dinner at my grandparents, BBQ Pork chops, BBQ potatoes, cauliflower and corn (I know, random meal info). My grandma insists that I take the smaller, but fatter and boneless pork chop, so I do. I'm sitting there eating it and here is my though process:

Looks a bit pink (picks at meat a bit and continues eating)
Probably just a little under-cooked, oh well (continues eating)
I guess grandma was just being nice by not giving me the bone
Maybe they knew this piece was under-cooked and they thought to give it to me because my immune system is better and I'm less likely to die!
Yeah, that's probably it.

That is all. I don't know how to write stream-of-conscious and make it make sense so you get this weird quasi version instead (yay).

Also it's earth hour tonight! Ya'll should remember that and TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS! (8:30-9:30). Please don't wimp out and turn off *some* of the lights, or like, the lights but not the computer and TV, cause that is just not cool.

Anyway this is all i've got for now, I had this epic rant about how annoying clubs can be, which I mentally planned out when I was at the club wasted, but sadly most of it was lost in the depths of my drunk (now sober) brain, so I'm not gonna write it. Also it seems like less of a good idea now... for obvious reasons. 


Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks for sharing the random thought process. :) It made me smile!

Terri said...

Objective met, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome! :)