Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool stuff to do in Victoria in the Summer Part I: traditional summer activities.

I believe I promised this list of cool things to do in Victoria and since it's summer I'ma add that in there. This is just some things that I really enjoy doing. I think I'll make it numbered for fun, but don't take the numbers as any sort of rating system because they aren't.

1. Beaching/sun bathting/swimming etc. There are some amazing place to spend your beach days at in Victoria so I'ma make a mini sublist here of my favourites!

A) Fossil or Muir Creek Beach. This is a popular one with Sookies like me! Mostly because it is waaaay out on West Coast road. Since I live out there it's not to bad for me, but somebody in town probably isn't gonna visit it very often. It's a great beach because it's super long so you can easily find a location without anyone else around, but you can see all the down the beach so you can see people coming. It's not so great for swimming because the water is really cold and rough, but it's great for sunbathing and it does have some awesome tidal pools at low tides you can wade in. This is the beach my family always went to when I was a kid because it was close by and it wasn't as busy as the more popular beaches. 

B) Thetis Lake. This is a super popular swimming/beaching location. It's great if you wanna go out to be seen and see. I like to check out the cute boys :P. It some times does get swimmers itch or whatever, so that's not cool, but I've honestly always enjoyed by experience there. 

C) Willows Beach. This is right in Victoria, unlike the previous three beaches. It's in Oak Bay which is sometimes considered a ritzier neighbourhood. This beach contains a lot of sand and cute boys. It always is decent for swimming since the dropoff isn't very steep. Very popular beach for the locals. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time there this summer because my bestfriends all live down town. 

D) Witty's Lagoon. This beach has a nude beach section. Enough said. I know a lot of people don't really like that sort of thing, but I sorta enjoy sunbathing topless sometimes so it's nice to have a nude beach. You just have to be okay with old men ogling you and seeing them nude. Not so pretty. This beach is also great for swimming and has a lot of sand. I really like it because it's in Metchison so it's outside Sooke, but not quite Langford, i.e. it's busier than Sooke Beaches, but not as busy as Thetis. It is also another large beach, although not as large as Muir Creek. And if your worried about taking the kids there because of the whole nudist thing, don't sweat it that section is around a corner and down the beach, Witty's Lagoon is very popular with school trips and parents. 

E) The Sooke Potholes. This is basically a Sooke Staple because you can't really go swimming in the ocean around Sooke (too cold/wind/dropped off) people had to find alternatives and this is one. The other being Kemp Lake, which is a little to gross to swim in and since I drink the water from that lake I don't wanna swim in it as much. Anyway the potholes are very popular in the summer, but the good thing about them is you can always move to a less popular pothole! You can also take a nice little bike trip up to Leach Town and swim there. It's great if you wanna be around people or want privacy, although I wouldn't recommend going nude here, you never know who's watching! 

2. Dancing. Now I know this isn't for everyone and some people might want to call me a barstar or barwhore, but I honestly just like to dance, drink and be surrounded by cute boys, is there something so wrong with that? I don't think so! Anyway there are some decent clubs in victoria my friends and I frequent. My favourite is Touch because they have like three rooms and the staff is a lot friendlier than at other bars (the bouncers know me!). 9one9 is the most popular and they have a lot of neat shows there which I never seem to have money to go too :(. If your looking for live music then Lucky Bar is definitely good for that, I usually just go to 90's night (90210 night, every monday!) because it's fun to hear the 90's tunes and the dancing is good, although it's usually packed which sucks. If your looking for a bit of an older crowd Upstairs is good for that, it's really spiffy looking inside, lots of wood. Boutique is better if your looking for a younger crowd, Thursday's are the night for that, because it's Ladies night and cheap drinks (i.e. no cover for girls!).

3. Hiking. I really like to hike. The hikes I tend to do are a bit more advanced, you could say (bush wacking anyone?) but there are some awesome hikes in and around Victoria. Mostly in my neighbourhood actually... East Sooke Park has some great ones, which I've done a few times. It's a good place to start because there is something for everyone. There are easier and more challenging hikes, shorter and longer too. If your looking for a more easy hike (walk) there is always the Galloping Goose Trail which is kinda dull in my opinion, but can be a good bike ride. 

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