Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tumblr addiction and photography.

I'm totally in love with tumblr! It has so many awesome, fun, colourful, thoughtful pictures, I can't get enough of it. I go on there for hours sometimes, just look at pictures and getting inspired. I love photography in general, but seeing the different sorts of amazing pictures and art people post makes me want to get a fancy camera and take as many pictures as I can! So I will.

New hobby in the makes everyone: photography. I am hopefully gonna be able to buy a canon rebel or something like that from a girl at work for a good deal, hopefully. If she hasn't sold it! :S
Then I can take some actually awesome looking shots and post them! I'm so excited! I also need models to practice shooting people. Hopefully some friends will volunteer, I'm looking for both girls and guys.

Back to tumblr. Since I brought it up I feel like I should post some of my favourite tumblr-er's(?). Many way here are some that consistently post or repost awesome stuff!

http://silverscents.tumblr.com/ Mostly fashion photography, but some landscapes etc thrown in.

http://fairylullaby.tumblr.com/ very awesome pictures and fashion pictures, love it!

http://sprawls.tumblr.com/ cool photography and photographer!

http://honestly-wtf.tumblr.com/ awesome fashion blog, love this one very inspiring!

http://artsandcrafts.tumblr.com/ collection of quirky photos, lots of landscapes and found objects.

http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/ A girl who takes a photo of her outfit every day! So cute. She has a website too, but I just like to see the outfit so I just follow the tumblr instead.

http://sovietpostcards.tumblr.com/ Postcards from the former Soviet Union (Russia). I have a strange obsession with Soviet Russia and Stalin so I love these, plus they are quirky and pretty (sometimes) or they have interesting/ridiculous propaganda, always fun.

http://fromme-toyou.tumblr.com/ Fashion blog that goes to the designer and post pictures of them or their collections, very cool and awesome photography!

http://bookshelfporn.com/ Bookshelves for those bibliophiles, like me, out there :).

http://enchanting.tumblr.com/ More landscape pics and some fashion pics. Usually aged looking or faded, but soooo gorgeous!

http://inspires.tumblr.com/ Pics of cute, girly stuff, mostly fashion, lots of make-up and jewelry though, very cute!

http://ballerinaproject.tumblr.com/ Pictures of Ballerina's at different New York landmarks. I LOVE ballet, as I took dance for 9 years when I was a child so these are really special to me. I've never been to New York, but it seems like an awesome city. I'd love to visit it.

Okay well that is all! I was attempting to find one more blog for you guys to check out, but alas I can't remember the name and I couldn't find it in my dashboard so you'll have to do without it. Also I have a tumblr which I sometimes use, and you can check that out here

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, awesome! I love photography, though currently I just use a little digital camera. I'm hoping to get a really nice one soon!

Have fun with your new hobby!