Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I had a semi-job interview today, I guess you could call it a meeting of some sort. It was for a news paper and magazine company in my home town, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up with much more than I bargained for! The editor asked me what I was interested, I of course, immediately said writing. She offered me the choice to write some pieces for the paper to help build my portfolio! :D I am soooo pleased and sooooo nervous! She wants a reporter, a real-life journalist, I don't know if I can deliver or not, since I've never done this before! Gah! So nervy about writing it! My first article I mean. I want it to be perfect and for her to LOVE me, because she was so amazing and nice the entire time. Okay amazing is a little bit of an overstatement, but she knows her shit, I can see that and she's trying to do something which she loves, which I really admire. She also seemed pleased when I said I knew there was no money in the business I am choosing, she seemed to realize how passionate I am about it when I said that. At least I hope that she did. I really need to think of an amazing article to write and I want to get it to her for next week! Eeeeeeeeeck! I know I can do this, it's just super nerve racking for me! But I figure if she gives me a reference next year I can get a job at a paper that is a little larger, such as the Martlet! (which I am definitely going to pursue because I need the experience). Okay bed time, dunno if i'ma sleep though, way to wound up!

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