Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring beauty

Ya'll is gonna hate me, but I'm doing a beauty post... so so sorry to those of you that hate this stuff... and for those that love it, well, here you go! :)

Beauty trends aren't something I really follow, I know what works for me, so I pretty much stick with that. Not that I don't get inspired by magazines or blogs, of course I do, but I don't see why I should be required to wear a colour or look that doesn't suit me simply because it's 'trendy'. Anyway I have an idea of some things which are cute for spring that people are doing. This is gonna be similar to my fashion post, expect I'll stick in some pics and videos this time round. Here we go

1. Red Lips. Never go out of style, but I'm seeing more of them this spring. Maybe that's just me, but yeah. Michelle Phan recently did a really great red lip tutorial on how to find your colour, so cute and useful!

2. Braids. This is def a trend I love love love! I look good in braids and they're fun today! In fact I'm going to go braid my hair after writing this. There are also a few interesting ways to do your braids, such as the scarf braid, which I personally, hate, but if done right it can be really cute. Another is the fish tail, which is super cute, unfortunately I can't remember how to do it! So sad!

The Scarf braid

Fishtail braid tutorial
3. Natural beauty. This is a really hot trend right now, less is more, etc. If you look at what the make-up lines are coming out with there is a lot of 'natural' make-up or 'lightweight'. I'm a huge fan of natural and lightweight so I'm down with this trend. 

4. Buns. This trend has been around for awhile, but I've just jumped on board, and I love them! They look great on me too, my hair pretty much does two things when I leave it natural: pony tail or bun. Otherwise it's super frizzy and impossible to deal with. 

5. Animal print nails. I've been seeing these everywhere too. In every colour imaginable. I can't say I like animal print that much, but in small colourful doses it can be super cute. I'm loving this girl's nails!

6. Pony tails. These are pretty hot right now. They've been showing up all over the run ways, which is nice to see because they are so damn easy. 

7. Bright eyes. So hot right now and so cute! I'm loving this trend. Def gonna wear it when I go out next! Also every colour imaginable is already showing up, which is awesome. 

8. The sixties. Not only are the sixties fashionable in clothing, but make-up and hair too! There have been tons of big hair styles and doe eyed make-up looks. I'm loving the make-up. 

9. Feather's in the hair. Michelle and her hair guru Krista introduced me to this trend, and it is sooooo cute! I love it. They made a really handy tutorial video which is also awesome and love. I need to get some feathers to clip in ma hair. ASAP! 

10. Fake lashes. Long eye lashes will always be hot, because seriously, how sexy are big, wide looking doe eyes? Exactly. So long lashes just make sense. I've been seeing fake lashes everywhere, I mean I know models and adds usually have them, but these is to a larger extend. They are obvious fake lashes. I have only worn then a couple of times, as I have long lashes natural (that's right, be jealous) but they are fun to wear out or just for exaggeration with certain looks. I feel like this trend is largely influenced by Asia, because it is a huge trend there, tons of girls wear fake lashes, I've posted a pic of a blogger I love, Xiaxue from Singapore and she's hilarious! Love her! <3

Xiaxue with her fake lashes. 

So this is my spring beauty trend list! You'll notice that there are more hair trends than make-up trends, but that's because there are just less make-up trends this spring, think it's that whole natural beauty trend. Plus I have a pretty standard idea of what kind of make-up looks I like so the hair trends got precedence. Anyway hope you like this! It's just a fun fluffy post. I'll post some more of my writing later in the week. I have one poem almost done-ish (are they ever finished?) and one story going through at tedious editing process blaaaaaaaah. Anyway that is all, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I personally don't really follow trends... I just go with whatever *I* like. I also don't wear makeup... and I can't use the hairstyles because I have one of those pixie haircuts.

LOL But interesting post anyway! ;D

cheyenne davide. said...

I love the braids trend for the hairs - although I don't think my jungle bush excuse of hair would really take to it ahha - its got a mind of its own ahaha x