Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marty the Bee

Marty the bee was a good little fellow,
Such a nice shade of yellow.

Marty the bee interrupted our lunch date
leading to his ill fate.

Marty the bee got trapped in a dingy clear case,
With some delicious fruit so he didn't lose face.

Marty the bee was observed by a budding scientist
And later glorified in a list.

Marty the bee was set free,
To explore and the world he did see.

Marty the bee was never a bee at all,
He was a wasp who nearly met his downfall.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

List time

I had a really long, sorta crappy, dull week so I need to do list! Plus it's been to long...

New friends

New Girl

The Doctor

German theorists


Home cooking





Richard III

Dill Pickle Soup

Glee night

Cute new boys

Heart of Darkness



Helpful professors



Good morning messages

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Day: a review

My friend and I spent most of this film laughing, but I still couldn't tell you if it was a comedy or not. The basic premise of the film is a nice idea, more than a good plot. The film takes place over July 15th, of the two main characters from 1988 to 2011. It gives brief snapshots of the characters lives and builds them slowly, compared with most films in the genre. It was a smart film too, because it knew exactly what it is: a generic romantic comedy, yet instead of attempting to something new or different with the plot, it kept its standard story, basically it was predictable. Despite this, the film was super funny, it kept me laughing all the way through, partly because it was predictable, but mostly because of how the characters handled that predictability. They were surprising. You watched Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) banter playfully one second, then yelling at each other in the next scene.

It was a little fast-paced in terms of plot development, but the slow character development balanced this out. Since Emma and Dexter are really the only characters you see throughout the whole film which almost show cases their relationship before character development. Most of the other characters don't really get a chance to develop properly because of this pinhole effect of the plot. I love movies that play with time and place in interesting ways so this film really appealed to me, but as I watched it, i couldn't help but wonder what was going on in between the July 15th's.... Although it would have been less realistic, it would have been nice to get more of a summary of that time from the characters themselves, just so we knew where they stood.

The film also surprised me because it flowed surprisingly well. There were a couple of jumps where you questioned the movement of time, but the scenes would quickly explain themselves to even things out. The characters were also smart and funny, I didn't find them boring at all, even though they were acting out such a generic story. There were a few moments which surprised me and lots of funny moments, I this is wrong and I should have come up with an answer for you, but I haven't. I still couldn't tell if you the humour in this movie was intentional or not. I think it must have been just because the rest of the film was so carefully crafted, yet somehow strange and expected, at the same time. It did have a artificial feel too it, but then I think the director may have intended it that way, they didn't want you to forget it wasn't real. The ending was probably one of my least favourite parts, because it was just so cheesy and cliché. You think I would have expected this after the rest of the movie, but I was surprised and felt like it should of had something a little better. There were some good lines throughout it though, such as Emma saying "I'm not lonely, I'm alone" and when Ian (Emma's ex) goes to visit Dexter he (at the end of the movie) tells him that Emma made him decent and she made her happy.

In all seriousness if you go see this film and have the wrong perspective or expect it to be a boring romantic comedy, it probably will be. If you go see it not knowing what to expect (like I did) or expecting it to be amusing it will probably be much better. Don't take this film to seriously and it will be more enjoyable.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Theory and why I like it.

So I promised this post about why I like theory... or theories in general I suppose. First I need to start with a couple of things about how I view the world etc (sorry this is going to be a very internalized, possibly confusing and definitely narcissistic post, sorry in advance). I know everything is connected, this is super obvious. I also believe that people and ideas are created through experience (as well as some biological make-up in the case of people). I suppose that would be phenomenology (correct me if I'm wrong) and I believe that while we create our own world and how we act, what we do and how we experience things we also are created by the world. It is a two way street, much like respect. My understanding of the clone will represent what I mean (I think). You can clone a person and raise them to be the person they are the clone of, but the clone will never ever be the exact same person unless every minute detail (and I mean every goddamn detail people, nothing left out, not even a nose scratch or a hair raise) is identical. If one thing is not identical, even in a small way, that alters the enter personality of the individual and they cannot be the same person ever. That is how ingrained into experience and life we are.

So where does theory come in? Well I see life as a giant complex puzzle, one without an answer, but it must be organized and understood somehow. Theories about life, the universe, love, happiness are abundant, but often wrong. This is because they are theories, they aren't meant to be right or wrong even and despite our best efforts to define a black and white universe it wont ever happen simply because there are too many variables in human behaviour, but mostly because humans cannot read minds, even if they we could, what good do you think that would do us? I can tell you right now, my mind is super interesting to me and super confusing and complex to me. How would it even begin to make sense to anyone else? Thoughts are such a vague, enormous concept it is impossible to pin them down, we've tried. I like to make a super abstract metaphor with the universe and the human mind. They are the same thing (in concept, or theory I suppose) neither can be limited or comprehend. The mind is limitless in what it can imagine as the universe is limitless in possibilities because it contains the mind. Yet, both the human mind and the universe are incomprehensible to the human mind. Humans cannot know their own potential because we cannot know what others are thinking and because of this we cannot know the potential of the universe. This makes them the same thing.

Now to theory. I like it because it's like a giant confusing puzzle with an answer, or answer of sorts. You can apply any sort of theory to any sort of question. I love questions and I love puzzles. I love solving puzzles (this is not to say I'm particularly good at them). Theory can give both answers to puzzles and questions, but it also can raise questions and create more puzzles. The other thing about theory is that it is a giant argument (or debate would be the better word here, but I like how argument sounds better). It is basically one theorist responding to a previous theorist, while at the same time attempting to cover their own ass in anticipation of the next theorist. I love to argue. Don't believe me? Try it sometime. I am stubborn and determined, I like a challenge and I wont stop unless I believe I am proved wrong. This is why theory appeals to me so much. It's a giant argument about questions and puzzles and about experience, but as my favourite prof said, it's about getting at the truth, which is something I value highly, probably too highly.

So this is an extremely lengthy explanation most of which isn't really related to theory, besides illustrating some of my own ideas... I warned you it would be narcissistic. I hope that it sheds some light on me though, and is sorta fun? I dunno. I shouldn't write things that are so confusing here I guess, but I couldn't resist. I have all these ideas all the time and I never put them out there in cyber space...I didn't even start on my theory of creativity and creation (not to be confused with creationism, but just the general creation of things, or more accurately the process of creativity and creation, basically in relation to art and like forms). See I tangent to much when I do this. I think maybe I should have been a philosophy major, but that is just an idea, and much to abstract for meeeee. Hope someone enjoys some of this, I'd really love to here thoughts, if you don't have a google account and we're friends YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME! That is all everyone! Goodnight!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vancouver trip!

I went to Vancouver with my best friend this weekend and it was super awesome and fun! We went to Taylor Swift, which was girly and I spent the entire time drunk so it was much more enjoyable than if I'd been sober, as she is not my favourite singer on the planet. We also did a lot of shopping and some how I still managed not to buy what I actually need: shoes and a purse. We also visited with our friend Ariana. We went out for crepes which were really yummy, although I would have hoped for some more fillings in them at the price they were. We also got a lot of shopping in (oh wait...I already mentioned that didn't I?) I was super excited to visit Urban Outfitters (one of my favourite websites to browse) and it was as awesome (and expensive) as imagined. I've decided to add pics of some things I bought. I've never really done a haul post before, but I thought I'd give it a shot. So here are my items! Enjoy!
Everything together
Red Skirt (colour is super off, sorry)
Close up of the pocket (my favourite detail!)
Work pants
The wide band at the top –love.
Light weight sweater dress sorta thing...
The wide band at the bottom, gives it a sweat shirt sorta feel
Make-up bag? Or pencil case... not sure, I got it for my sunnies so they'd stop getting all scratched up
One last pic for ya'll TAYLOR SWIFT!
Errr well you can't really see her cause she's like super far away n'shit, but still! She's there on that lighted area some where.... somewhere out there... falling back to meeeeeee...
Anyway that's all I've got for you all right now.... I was sorta playing with a post about Theory (no not the clothing brand) but I don't know if it's worth posting I started writing it in the middle of the night, drunk...although I do have some of my best ideas then...errr maybe not. Anyway I gotta shit load of homework I'm supposed to be getting through and have barely made a dent in so good night for now!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So here is a sad fact (or cool one, depending how you look at it) I have already begun choosing halloween costumes. I suppose because my store already has costumes in, I'm feeling pressured to think of something! (I really didn't need to justify that, did I?). This year I've decided to pick something I like, not something that's sexy or popular. This is my list so far: Ramona Flowers Death Hello Kitty Pickle Rory Gilmore Gypsy This is just a small list of things that I could beeee. Anyway besides being ridiculously excited for halloween I'm also super excited for school! Tomorrow! Um I sound lame. I like school though and this year, because I'll have no social life, I'ma try to write blog posts more often, hopefully cause I know ya'll reading this want to know what's going on with meeeeee! And what is going on? Well besides picking out halloween costumes, I've been planning my back to school outfit, watching a lot of Doctor Who, but sadly, mostly just working. :( I also got to spend some time with family and made some really awesome new friends this summer, love making new friends. I can't wait to have a bunch more new friends at school this semester (god that sounds super dorky, but then I am kinda super dorky....). I'm also really looking forwards to going to Vancouver this weekend with my best friend, shopping and Taylor Swift, what could be more girly? Maybe cupcakes and ruffles, I suppose. Anywho I'm super tired and excited so I really need to head off to dream land and whatnot. Goodnight lovelies! <3