Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Summer reading list, the short version.

Okay so here is a summer reading list, I will add to it later, because I always add to these things. Just to clarify there are quite a few guilty pleasures on this list, which I will indicate with by putting GP in brackets beside the book title. Enjoy!

Ulysses-James Joyce: this is one I start for school, I read most of it, I have about 3 chapters left, so I feel like it would be kinda sad not to finish this book.

Murphy-Samuel Beckett: again, this is one I read for class and since I know what happens I want to finish it! Plus it was a pretty good read.

Small Island-Andrea Levy: I bought this book ages ago and never bothered to read it, so I wanna get it out of the way, plus the story is intriguing to me right now.

An Abundance of Catherine's-John Green: because I've read all his books but this one and I really want to read it too! Also if you like young adult fiction I highly recommend John Green, he is amazing, he also has an awesome internet community called nerdfighteria.

Room-Emma Donoghue: for some strange reason this book keeps popping up everywhere! I see it or hear about it at the most random times so now I just want to read it!

Dubliner’s-James Joyce: I read one of these stories for an English class in my second year, loved it and have wanted to read the rest since then.

Misguided Angel-Melissa de la Cruz (GP): totally hooked on this series even though I know it's pretty lame...

Lost in Time-Melissa de la Cruz (GP): need to finish the series, SHUT UP OKAY SCHUYLER REALLY COOL!

Hunger games-Suzanne Collins: I keep hearing about how amazing these books are and since I love young adult fiction I really want to read them!

Mortal instruments-Clarissa Clare (GP): started the series now I need to finish it.

The Remains of the Day-Kazuo Ishiguro: Love, love, loved

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall-Kazuo Ishiguro

The Sentimentalists-Johanna Skibsrud: I started reading this randomly on my iphone and thought it was pretty cool so now I want to finish it.

Persuasion-Jane Austen: because this is the only Jane Austen book I HAVEN'T READ! Actually I just realized that's not true, I haven't read Northanger Abbey either...

Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen: see above

Jorge Luis Borges collected fictions: I love this man. Seriously, so hot, okay I'm kidding, but he does have awesome eyes and I'd probs have his babies... even though he's like dead, n'shit. Um ignore that unnecessary tangent... Anyway this is another book that I bought (new *gasp*) ages ago that I again, have never read! :S I really want to cause I've read a lot of his poems which I adore and one short story which was awesome and amazing. So yeah, def need to read it for all the aforementioned reasons.

Ahem, so moving on...

Love in the time of Cholera-Gabriel Garcia Marquez: my sister recently stole my copy and read it then told me how amazing it is and how I need to read it... so yeah better get on that, considering she's read the copy I know which I've NEVER EVEN OPENED! :S

Her Fearful Symmetry- Audrey Niffenegger: this one looks pretty awesome and it's by the same girl as "The Time Traveller's Wife" which my sister also told me was awesome (and I don't know, so its okay :P). Anyway I got this for christmas from my dad, who usually picks out weird used fantasy books for me, which I hardly ever read, but this time he got it right!

Okay so that's my book list FOR NOW! I will definitely be adding to it, or posting a part 2 because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of books I want to read! Please hold me accountable for this book list, ask me how I'm doing and if I'm reading them! PLEASE! I will not take offense to a little harassment. And that is all for now, peace? Happy reading I suppose lol.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck reading all of those books! I've only read "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen... I really should remedy that, LOL! And "The Hunger Games" is really good. Fast-paced and interesting! I've only read the first book, though... that, too, needs to be remedied!

By the way, thanks for following my blogs! I appreciate it. :)