Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hi concentration, I really need you back right now, k thanks!

Okay so I know the next post was supposed to be a summer reading list, but I have yet to finish that and I feel like writing a post. I guess just to say a few things.

Basically I'm back in Sooke for the summer, depressing, but I plan to make the most of it and I was getting pretty sick of my grandparents. I truly love them, but I only have so much patience. Recently, I wrote a really bad essay about them for my an English class. It had this strange frame narrative that really didn't work and a lot of generalizations. Ick.

Anyway I wanted to write somethings I'll actually miss, because there are actually a few. I'm gonna miss having dinner at the same time every night, cause my mom never does that and my grandparents always eat between 5:30-6 which is awesome cause I'd get home for school everyday and dinner would almost be on the table. I'm also gonna miss reading the paper everyday. I know I can just read it online, but there is something about reading it in print form which I really enjoy. It's my favourite part of the day. I'm also gonna miss how close the bus exchange is to their house. I can practically see it! In Sooke, I have to get my mom to drive me everywhere and I feel like a kid again, good thing she's teaching me to drive this summer! I'm also gonna miss how clean their house in. My mom's house is pretty chaotic most of the time, not to say it isn't clean, but it's not spotless or anything. And lastly I'll miss how quiet it is, I mean they do talk really loud and turn the TV up really loud, BUT the doors are solid wood and block out ALL THE SOUND! Something which the doors at my moms completely fail to do.

Okay so that's it for that portion, I'm honestly not really looking forward to the summer. I really want to read what ever I like, but doubt I'll ever make it through my entire list. I plan to spend much of my free time sitting on beaches and drinking. It shall be a good time. I also plan on working a lot, which shall not be a good time :(. I would like to keep up with this blog, so I'm actually writing something! Please, hold me accountable! PLEASE! Also I think I forgot to post it here, but I wrote a list of things I'd like to do this summer on my tumbler. So go ahead and check that out. There are some cool quotes posted there and a couple of other lists, plus some random pictures I stole :P.

I had some other shit to say, but I've forgotten and I really need to finish reading my obnoxious social theory stuff so I can write the paper in a timely fashion and be fucking finished with this course! Thank god!

Also check back to my previous list cause I'll add to it, there are a couple other things I've learned this week that I forgot about! And that's it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope your summer is GREAT, even though you're not exactly looking forward to it... :/

Who knows, it might surprise you. :)