Friday, April 22, 2011

Fiiiiniiiiished! And Epic day.

I am finally finished with exams and papers! 
Today, was awesome. Despite the lameness of the exam. Three essay in one exam, an hour an essay, not cool. My brain definitely felt fried after that and my arm is still sore, it's difficult for me to write for an hour,  let alone three! Ew. 

Anyway the rest of the day turned out amazing. I got home and my sister showed a few minutes after me, we ate then hit up the museum for the afternoon which was awesome cause they had the Emily Carr exhibit on and that was pretty cool. I found it pretty inspirational and shit, I love her guts. The other exhibit which always moves me was the first nations sections of the second floor exhibits. Today it made me especially sad for some reason, I think I was just tired and hungry, but I felt like writing poems and writing angry letters to the government...stuff like that. I just wanted redemption for those people, even though its not my place to ask. Anyway I made my sister leave after that because it just got to depressing and I needed food. 

After this we did not go home, but instead went to WIN for some shopping, this was fun until I had a ghost from my past come to haunt me... i.e. I boy I once drunkenly made out with in the safety of a darkened night club... at least it look liked him and this was sort of a particular boy, particular as in embarrassing and I never ever wanted to see him again. I'm not gonna lie, I sorta hid then creeped on him... so wrong, but it's still kinda a babe despite being a dick. I actually found some cool shit at WIN and was really happy, but not as happy as my little sister because I didn't find a hot red leather skirt! fml. I know in a previous post I condemned the practice of wearing leather clothing, but this skirt changed my mind for ever! It looks completely amazing and hot on her and I am supremely jealous. I was thinking it might be fun to do a haul post, but I kind of think they're super cheesy so I'll refrain from that. 

After the museum and shopping we had dinnies at my dads which was gross and yummy... As in some dishes were gross and others were good. It was time for the highlight of our day... the Vic Slam! Or Victoria Poetry Slam. So. Much. Fun. I love poetry and performing arts, it's been a few years since I've taken acting, and I was never very good at it, but I will always appreciate and admire it. So yeah, as my current favour spoken word poet said, "it's like theater and poetry got together and had a baby!" Expect that's not an exact quote and she said it waaaaay more eloquently, but yeah that's what I think of it. I might just perform at the next one, if I can get the courage up to actually get on stage in front of a bunch of strangers... it's been a while... but considering some of the suckiness happening tonight, I think I could do a lot better. A lot of the poems I have right now are a lot better than a couple I heard tonight. I just haven't written anything to be read out loud so that worries me. I also need to state that not all of the poems sucked, and even the ones that were– shall we say, less than?– weren't completely horrible or anything, they had some good parts and some dreadful parts. There was a hot/cold thing used in a love poem that made my very soul shrivel up and die. Also the good people at Cabin 12 who hosted the poetry slam were amazing! The food was great too and the girl who served us was super nice, helpful and friendly the entire night. Plus all the employees there got into the slam as well, it had a really cool community-like vibe to it which I loved and some amazing art work on the walls. Made me happy. 

I am feeling all inspired and shit with the amount of cool things I've done today. Tomorrow I may just hide in a coffee shop DT for the day and write, because I have a lot of ideas and I'm loving it! Inspiration is the best. 

After the Slam my friends and I headed, first, to the movie theaters, then realize that nothing good was playing, we headed over to peacock for some billiards which was a good time. The only sucky thing about it was that I was super tired and really suck the entire time, not that I'm good at pool or anything, but this was especially bad... it didn't help that a really cute older guy, who was great at pool was playing his friend at the table next to ours... I think he worked there but I swear he was checking me out... probably all up in my head... lol. Also I forgot, at one point, to go back and pay for my tea which was embarrassing because I'd literally been at the counter a minute before and went back for a different reason. After the pool Joanna and I walked our friend Raya to her car, then walked home attempting to avoid all the drunks who kept staring at are legs... it was like we had big glowing arrows, look here! look here! Seriously, pervs. Ugh. I just dislike drunk people when I'm not drunk... Anyway the night was great as well, it was the perfect causal celebration of finishing school and tomorrow night is dinner with Kayla and dancing at Touch! Ma fave club where the bouncers are fucking cool and remember you every time. LOVE IT. I hate places where bouncers are douche bags, such as 9one9 (lamest name ever btw and the club matches that in lameness, hardly ever have a good time there...). 

SOOOOOOOO I need yo help, where is the best coffee shop to hide in for writing dt? I may just jip out and head home or do something with a girlfriend instead, which would be super fun and super unproductive... I must defeated my unproductiveness! BLAAAAAAAAH!

This is a ridiculously long post and I apologize, it's to late for my and I am a little tipsy/excited about my freeeeedooooooom eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So apologies... and comments! LAAAAA 

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Congrats on finishing your papers! It sounds like you were rejoicing in being done. ;)