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some songs I like

I've been planning this list for awhile, just haven't got around to it since I still have school...I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now, but I just can't get the motivation to actually start, I will probably start it late tonight and stay up till like 2 working on it and do that same thing tomorrow. I just need the idea to hibernate? lol that sounds like a really bad excuse, it is, and it's true. Anyway moving on from my procrastinating techniques, here are some of my favourite songs. Please remember that this list is by no means conclusive, there are many many songs I really like/love, I'm just picking the ones which I listen to the most and I have loved/liked for the longest. I will try to exclude songs I like for only sentimental value, but I'm sure some will creep in.

In no particular order (as always!)

Some favourite songs:

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson: kinda a gong show, I know, and I couldn't tell you what I love about this song, expect that when I'm really pissed off about anything and I feel like I can't get deal with shit I listen to it, on high until I feel better. It's been awhile actually, which is probably a good thing... I also really like The Nobodies, Running to the Edge of the World, and well actually I like most of his songs so I'll leave you with those three. 

Disclaimer: PLEASE be warned that this video can be graphic! If you are not comfortable with this DO NOT WATCH IT.

The Beautiful People

The Nobodies

Running to the Edge of the World

Run by Snow Patrol: when I was 15 I listened to this song a lot, cause my parents were divorcing. The only reason I found it was because I was looking for another song which played on the radio before it... I NEVER found that other song! I spent literally a couple of years attempting to find it and I never did... :( Anyway I especially love the line "To think I might not see those eyes/Makes it so hard not to cry/And as we say our long goodbye/I nearly do" I know, super mushy, I just like a good tragedy I suppose...


I've never actually watched this video so if it's shit I apologize.

Anything by Lily Allen. She's cute and cheeky, I <3 her. I know her music is.. 'cliche?' and she's like pop-y n'shit, but her songs are pretty amusing. If you haven't heard Alfie you should, it makes me laugh.



And her best video: Who'd Have Known! 

The Clash: well most songs by the clash. The Guns of Brixton and London Calling stand out as two of my favorites, basically all of their album London Calling is amazing. Some of their older and newest stuff is a little sketchy, because they start leaning more towards ska than punk and I prefer the punk style myself, but they are still amazing. I just wish I could have seen them live in their hay-day that would truly be awesome.

The Guns of Brixton

London Calling

Metric. All her songs I'm afraid. I don't think I've heard one that I don't like... Twilight Galaxy is especially awesome, and my favourite Raw Sugar, I've listened to that one on repeat for ages before. I also really love the lyrics to most of their songs. If you want to know more check out my post with Emily Haines: here.

Twilight Galaxy 

Raw Sugar

I Believe In a Thing Called Love-The Darkness. LOVE this song! I'm not one for super cheesy love songs, unless they can be laughed at (with) which this one can, I mean have you ever seen the video? Major amusement.

I Believe In a Thing Called Love

Chasing Pavements-Adele. This was my favourite song for ages and ages, it had the most play counts on my itunes for like a year or so, then I guess I just got sick of it or something, but I still listen to often and still love it. There are just new songs in my life, such as Adele's new song Rolling in the Deep. I am completely in love with her voice in that song, soooo amazing.

Chasing Pavements

Rolling in the Deep

I'm Your's-Jason Mraz. I heard this song before it became really popular and loved it. I don't like the version on the radio as much as the one I've got, which is possibly an EP of some sort? Dunno, I'm not even sure where it came from... still, it's awesome. I know, up there somewhere, I said I don't like love songs unless they are amusing/funny. I LIED OKAY. I love this song. I don't really consider it a 'love' song so much as a crush song? Its like someone confessing that they like a person to them for the first time...not necessarily in love. It's fucking cute okay? Stop judging me.

I'm Yours

Nine Inch Nails. Everything, basically. I even like Trent Reznor's strange electronic/instrumental stuff...I listen to it when I study and don't want lyrics. The Good Soldier, Only, and Capital G stand out to my as some favorites, plus I'm convinced that he named The Good Soldier after the book of the same title by Ford Madox Ford, although I am probably wrong, but I'll read it and let you know!

The Good Soldier


Capital G
(apologies for the shit video!)

Smashing Pumpkins-1979. This is my favourite, but I also really really like The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning which was written for, I believe, Batman and played in the trailer for Watchmen. Doomsday Clock is also awesome and I love it as well. Dunno why both these have to do with the end of the world, but we wont question it...


 The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Doomsday Clock 

Bulletproof-La Roux. Every time I go out dancing with my best friends they will jokingly go "Terri! It's your song! It's your song!" when this comes on. So yeah, apparently this is my song, actually I just like it cause I listened to it a lot after I got dumped last, I attempted to become bulletproof myself, then realized how useless it was.


If We Ever Meet Again-Timbaland and Katy Perry. I know some people out their are cringing, possibly gouging their eyes out, okay I'm kidding this song is not that bad! Truly! I actually really do like it. I know this will sound phony or whatever, but I've always felt this song perfectly captures the "clubbing" scene. Not because it's sentimental or anything, but because you know that sentiment is completely fake. It's like getting drunk, becoming best friends with a group of strangers for the night, having the time of your life, then going back to 'real-life' the next day. Okay I KNOW that's not what this song is about, but that's just what it makes me think. Moving on!

If We Ever Meet Again 

She & Him. I know that Zoey Deschemal sang, I just didn't know how goddamn cute her songs were! Sentimental Heart? Awwwwww. In the Sun is the first song I heard, and at first I was kinda ehhh not that great, but then I listened to it again, and again and completely fell in love with her voice. This is the music I listen to when I Want to be happy. Sweet Darlin' and Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? are my two other favorites.

Sentimental Heart 

In the Sun

Sweet Darlin'

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Glycerine-Bush. This is one of my favourite songs. Ever. There was another song of theirs which my friend recommended to me, but I'd never heard any of their other songs, until one day I was like I love this song, lets download them all! So yeah found this one and loooove it. It's slow and steady, yet has that 90s feel to it. 

Underneath it all-No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is awesome in this song, and gorgeous! I like the idea behind the song, it's, again, cute and romantic, yet Gwen always has an element of 90's girl power to her, which I sorta love (although I am aware this song was not recored in the 90s!) Also I felt that since I have her husbands band, I couldn't leave Gwen's out since I love both of them equally! 

Underneath it All 

Blue Orchid-The White Stripes. I love Jack White, seriously, he has some mad talent, he can even act! And he's kinda hot.... kinda...This song is my favourite cause it has such a good beat, but if you look at my play counts Little Room is actually my most played song, which is strange cause it's not even a favourite by a long shot, but still an awesome song. They also apparently have great music videos! :)

Blue Orchid

Little Room

And last but not least!

I Miss you-Blink 182. I know this song isn't like great or anything, but I have always loved it and I love it all the more for its super cool music video. I like how it's a little cheesy and strange and I feel like the guys are poking fun at that sorta thing without losing their cool or ruining a good song. 

I Miss You

I think that is it for now, I could probably make this a lot longer, but if I have to think about the songs to hard, then they can't be really be my favorites, plus this list is already lengthier than I meant it to be. Enjoy and post some of your favourite songs or thoughts on mine!

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I like Lily Allen, too. And I love the song "If We Ever Meet Again"! It's got such a great beat. :) Don't you just love music?

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