Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Brain fried.

I want to write a list of songs I like, because I think it could be mildly amusing and I'd also like to finish my summer reading list which I believe I promised would go up here awhile ago, but alas school demands all of my attention. :(

Trust me, I am not happy about this. Who would be happy when they've spent the last THREE DAYS working on one paper and IT STILL ISN'T ANY WHERE NEAR COMPLETION! I just made it to the second theorist...there are three and I still have to write the play analysis and conclusion, which are thankfully super easy, it's the 'summaries' (I put this in quotations because these summaries are actually analysis of the works as well) which take the time. They are fucking painful. You comb through the papers, which you've already read, yet somehow cannot remember where anything goes in them and just go oh that seems like an important point, lets put that in! That is literally what I've been doing most of the day.

So now your asking, why then, Terri, are you blogging instead of writing your paper? because: I have the fucking attention span of, like, a two year-old...or a kitten on catnip, you choose. It's strange, but when ever I'm working on a paper I seem to spend waaaaay more time on facebook than usual...I mean, not that I don't spend a lot of time on fb, but yeah it's pretty sad, I'm mocked for it shamelessly by my friends... Anyway that's about all I've got to say for now, I guess this is sort of a venting post/apology for not post that book list I keep promising, cause I know ya'll wanna know what I'm reading this summer! (don't lie :P). Anyway back to the torture session (yay!) thank god this paper is due tomorrow, because I couldn't stand working on it for another day, the only down side is having to get up at 6 am to bus into school with my sister and finish editing it :( and on top of that I have a shit load of reading so I'ma probs just be at school aaaaaaalll day :(. Somebody save me pleaaaaaaase!

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Anonymous said...

It definitely sounds like you're getting way overwhelmed, no fun!