Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New years resolutions

So I haven't really made any, and when I do I don't usually post them anyway, cause, well who ever actually remembers to keep these? I mean that's why we make new ones every year, isn't it?

Anyway, here are mine.

Be healthier. Since I've started university I have been on antibiotics for one form of cold or another way to many times. It has got to stop, this time has been the most serious. I'm not sure what've been doing wrong, but it needs to change.

Achieve some of my goals, or at at least work towards them. I keep putting things I really want to do off because, I have no time/money/not ready for etc, but I must stop this if I want anything to happen to me, ever. Also I'm getting a little bored, do time to make some life changes.

Write. This will always be something I should be doing more of, especially if I'd like to ever improve. (reading as well, I never seem to finish things these days).

I really think that is it. They are kinda boring and generic, also extremely broad, but it makes them less scary I guess? Or More so...I don't know. I'm to tired to think of much else.

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