Monday, January 30, 2012

Batman Cupcakes

So I mentioned in another post how I was writing a story for James, well I finished it, but it's pretty rough. I don't really know what to do with it, but I feel like I could do something more with it...anyway suggestions are always welcome! :)

“What flavor batman would be if he was a cupcake or another type of pastry. 
On one side hes suuuuper rich, but he's kind of broken and troubled, but he’s still a charmer and totally fit for a 60+ old guy. Or you could just go by the and yellow equals chocolate and lemon? Or licorice and lemon?” - James S. 

Tony was 7 and he loved batman. He spent his time toss action figures off of his sisters doll house and rescuing princesses from bad guys and fires and sharks. All around he saved the city of Gotham about 5 or 6 times a day. In all, Tony was pretty normal. He went to school with all the other 7-year olds and argued about which superheroes were the most awesome. Tony usually lost. Eric, really, truly, believed the flash was much better than Batman. And Andy always argued for (and usually won) that superman was the best superhero. Despite the three boys different taste in superheroes they were best friends and often beat each others superhero action figures up in play. 
Tony was turning 8 that week and he wanted a batman party. He invited his entire 7th grade class (as was the custom in his day) and his two best friends Eric and Andy. One week before the party the three boys were on the swings at school swinging slowly back and forth and talking about their favourite superheroes. “I’m going to have a batman party!” Exclaimed Tony. 
“No you aren’t, or I’m not coming!” Eric stuck his tongue out at Tony. 
“Me either” quipped in Andy, “I don’t want to go to no Batman party”. 
Tony hung his head down and thought, he needed to figure out a way to ensure they came to his party. Andy was the most popular boy in school and if he didn’t go nobody in his class would go! And Eric’s dad was really really rich and he always got the best, most expensive presents so Tony really really wanted Eric to come. Also, they were his closest friends and he wanted them there. 
“Your mom’s not gonna like that, you know she’ll make you come” he glanced pointedly at Eric. Eric’s mom and his mom were bestfriends. That’s how Eric and Tony were bestfriends. If Eric came Andy would too, cause Andy did everything Eric did, despite being the most popular boy in school, Eric was still the richest. 
“Will not!” Eric saw the web he was trapped in too late. He really didn’t want to spend an afternoon being nice about Batman and eating the inevitable black and yellow cake. It just wasn’t right, the Flash was clearly the better superhero! Andy glanced at Eric, considering repeating his phrase, but chose not to because it seemed to much work to yell insults at Tony when he knew they would both end up going anyway. Andy didn’t care about the batman themed party, he really just didn’t want to spend an entire afternoon being forced to watch the batman movie for like the billionth time. The boys began swinging higher and higher and the conversation was quickly forgotten as they began to outdo each other in term of swinging hight. The bell rung soon after and the conversation wasn’t revisited before the week was out resulting in both boys attending Tony’s birthday party. 
Saturday came rather quicker than Tony’s mother would have liked. She still had too much to prepare! All the children! The noise! The sugar, birthday party’s were always a nightmare for her. Tony’s was the worst because she had very little understanding in inner workings of a young boys mind. “What’s wrong with cupcakes, sweetie? They’re easy to eat and less mess with plates! Besides, I’ve already started making the batter.”
“But moooooooooom cupcakes are girly! Cathy said so… everybody will think I’m lame…” Tony’s mom raised an eyebrow in disbelief. 
“You know why Cathy told you cupcakes are girly? Because she wanted cupcakes for her birthday and I didn’t make them, she’s just jealous.”
“So they are girly?” Tony’s mom rolled her eyes, you could never win with kids. She was making cupcakes and that was that. 
“Batman cupcakes” Tony looked relieved, then his face clouded over with worry. 
“Nooo mom just make chocolate cupcakes… I want everyone to like them” you see, despite being friends with two of the most popular kids in school Tony really wasn’t that popular himself. He was, in fact, rather unpopular. He was just too smart. He answered all the test and quiz questions correctly and anything the teacher asked in class. Before he became friends with Eric and Andy he had suffered as a social outcast and was nicknamed Tony-talks-too-much. Loosing Eric and Andy’s friendship over the wrong themed cupcakes would be a disaster. Luckily Tony’s mom new about the superhero disagreement and came up with a plan to fix it. 
“Tony, what if I make Eric and Andy the Flash and Superman themed cupcakes? Would that be okay?” Tony squirmed and scrunched up his eyes, the little wheels in his brain clicking away. 
“Okay, I think they will like that.” So Tony’s mom made chocolate cupcakes with yellow buttercream frosting in the batman logo and one red velvet cupcake with yellow buttercream frosting in the flash logo and one red velvet cupcake with blue and yellow frosting. 
Saturday came sooner than Tony expected and he was very worried about his party. Luckily Eric and Andy both loved their cupcakes and the rest of the class showed up because they had both come when they heard about the promised cupcakes (that and their mother’s forced them). Tony’s popularity was safe and the children had a wonderful time. 

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