Saturday, February 12, 2011

Play: the jealous social networking (untitled)

I got this idea into my head that it would be fun to write a play focused on social networking and the hazards associated with becoming too obsessed with it and with someone. The concept of the play is a little different. It will involve the main character (Becca) boyfriends page with pictures, comments, status etc projected on a screen behind Becca in the scenes where she is shown on the computer so that the play go-ers know what's up and why Becca is continually moody and upset throughout the play.

Hopefully this works out okay and isn't to difficult. I still haven't worked out how to incorporate the facebook projections in yet. I think maybe a screen will be down, with Becca off to the side and a spot light on her, the screen would have to go up when ever she closed the computer or someone came into the room to talk to her. The scene with her pacing around and talking about John and why she's upset (she thinks he's cheating) will be the most difficult because it will have her going back and forth from pacing to the computer. I thought about making this a movie instead but it would be way to slow paced for a movie, in my opinion, and I just like the idea of staging it. It's a simply story about jealous and insecurity when you come down too it, really nothing new.

Anyway if you have any thoughts at all LET ME KNOW! I *may* post part of a rough draft up after I've written it, so far I only have the outline/stage directions down. It's already five acts! So surprised how quickly I moved along with it! Also I haven't got a title, what is in the subject line is only a working title, so if you've got any good ideas for that let me know! Thanks guys :)

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