Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egypt and other non-sense!

The uprising in Egypt caught my attention right away. I am completely fascinated by revolutions, dictatorships and oppression. Probably because I grew up in a country as free and liberal as Canada. I have no concept of what living in a nation in Egypt's situation would feel like. Let's just say I sit in front of the news every chance I get, just to see if they are "free" yet or if Hosni Mubarak has done anything drastic at all. He hasn't.

Saying that you will "talk" to people or will step down in the next election are obvious opt-outs. I don't pretend to know very much about politics, just basics, nor do I know very much about Egypt's economy or social situation, but I do see a country which has been oppressed, a young nation which is ready to break free and become something new, something about the people. That I find very inspiring. I send my love and support out to all of the protesters in Egypt, I truly believe in there cause and hope that it is met in the most peaceful way possible, though this seems less and less likely as the president continues to refuse to step down.

On to less important things...

I need to complain about complaining. I do a lot of it, sometimes I just don't know what to say or how to act towards someone so I might complain something. Something we can both hate on together. Buses, for instance, or printing massive paper or photocopying entire sections of books for an entire HOUR! Not fun. The state of university tuitions, the lack of bunnies. There are so many things I can complain about, it's getting ridiculous! So for this blog I want to generate some new conversation topics, besides the obvious go-to's such as the weather and news. There are so many exciting things to converse about, so why aren't we talking about them! Here are some I've come up with:

Dictators. Why don't more people talk about oppressed countries? I don't just mean Egypt or which ever one is in the news that week, just in general, even historical dictators, so fascinating!

People watching. Okay I'll admit, my friends and I do this. We'll see someone hilarious and start making fun of them, or just making general observations. No harm in this as long as they don't overhear you. If there is a case when you want them to overhear you, then at least try to make them embarrassed. i.e. the other day at school I was facebooking in one of the eating places and I overheard a guy sitting behind me say to his girlfriend that he loved creeping on people randomly facebooking at school. Awkward silence in both of our (separate) conversations, but still, great moment. It reminded me that there are people around you, equally aware.

Talk about a subject the other person knows little or nothing about OR get them talking about a subject you know little or nothing about. This sounds like it defeats the idea of small talk (or maybe you think this idea is very transparent and want me to stop) but you are actually learning about a new subject, which can be really fun and informative or your teaching the other person about a new subject as well (this could lead them to think your pretentious or condescending if you pick a subject which is beyond there capacities to comprehend so please take heed to not go over the other persons head!).

I suppose that's all I have right now, my mouth hurts and it's much to late for this, so good night for now!

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