Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I like Punk music.

I love punk music. The entire genre. If you asked me any time before last night I probably couldn't tell you why, but I was thinking about it during a bout of insomnia and I realized why I love it so much. The idea (whether spoken or unspoken, agreed or not) behind punk is to be anti-establishment. To be against authority and to be radical. I am not any of these things. This sounds confusing, but I'll explain the appeal for me. It draws the listeners attention to something that might be against their ideals or beliefs, but it also creates debate and interest in the subject. Punk songs tend to focus on chaotic situations and sometimes destructions, they also point out things in society that we take for granted, but could be considered completely ridiculous. I revel in the ridiculous so this was what first drew me to the genre. The music it's self is raw and chaotic which also appeals to me. It isn't about being polished or pretty, it's about the message and it's about jumping around and acting crazy.

Some punk music today leans a lot more towards pop, such as Green Day, but they still manage to capture the essence of the genre. Green Day wrote American Idiot in one night after loosing there other album. I think this is pretty awesome, maybe untrue, but the idea still captures what punk is about. It's just about music and a message, not about being perfect or beautiful. Music doesn't always have to be pretty, this is a very current idea, especially with the over use of auto tuning. I think that music needs to be raw. I'm not saying i'm gonna start rejecting top 40's or auto tuned songs, there are some great ones out there that I love, but I do support music that is just music and I feel like punk is about being music with no bullshit. It's about throwing preconceived ideas about society back into the listeners face to make them realize that there are alternatives. Yeah, it can be in-your-face, angry and messy, but some times that is the best way to stand out and make people listen.

Anyway that is just a little about my favourite genre of music, what are some of yours? 

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Anonymous said...

That's an interesting take on it... personally, though, Green Day's not my favorite, nor is the angry, harsh stuff. I like most music, I think - but when it's too harsh, it's not a pleasant for me to listen to. I like New Age, country, pop, rock, alternative... all sorts. My iPod is full of anything and everything! Enya to Evanescence, Emiliana Torrini to even some Eminem. :) Though he can be a little harsh, I still like some of his songs.