Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A sad story (or a happy one, depending on your point of view)

I've ever been very good with boys. I suck at talking to them, usually just the cute or appropriately aged ones. I tend to act stupid, silly, boring or shy. It sucks. I've recently been challenging myself to over come this because I realize how silly and insecure it is, but it is a challenge. Last night I had one of those challenges thrown at me. Albeit a small one, but still a challenge. My best friend and I went out to a bar to go dancing (Monday is a popular dancing night in Victoria) we waited in line for ever and just wanted to get in there to drink and dance! Finally we made it inside got some booze and started dancing. I found a cute, normal looking guy dance with relatively quickly. Unfortunately he wanted to do more than just dance. After dancing for a bit, he offered to buy me a drink, since I couldn't see my friend and had no excuse not to let him, we went to the bar. I knew at this point he was just trying to get me to go home with him, but I wasn't going to turn down a free drink so I had a shot and something with jager in it. I sat with him and his friends for a short time, until they said they were gonna go. This was good because I wanted to get rid of the guy at this point. I gave him a fake number (sends the message pretty well) and went back to dance more. I danced for a short time before I spied a guy that works at another club who I've always been attracted too. I'd seen him out dancing a couple of other times, but never had an opportunity to actually dance with him. I told my friend I wanted to dance with him. He disappeared a couple of times, but finally we were dancing near him! I felt shy and nervous because I wanted to dance with him so much, but I didn't think he would even notice me. He danced with another girl for a bit, but she quickly disappeared. My friend had been attempting to help me out by making eyes at the guy so he would come over. He did, but unfortunately thought she wanted to dance with him not me! Another guy came up and started to dancing with me. He was very grabby and just wanted to grind whereas I like to actually dance and move around. I was just about to bail because I was sick of watching my friend with the guy I wanted AND having to dance with a shitty dancer when my friend grabbed me and asked where I was going. Apparently she told the guy she was dancing with that I had wanted to dance with him not her. We danced until close to the end of the night, and I was sooooo happy we did because he is and was an amazing dancer! Knew his moves, actually danced, not just grinded or grabbed, it was so nice and refreshing. I think he was still more interested in my friend, but I kind of didn't care it's just nice to spend some time with someone your insanely attracted to, even though nothing comes of it.

And that's my story for the day. The reason I called it a sad story was because I felt like the dance was a pity dance that my friend got for me, not one based on this boy actually being attracted to me, but I could never say for sure cause I didn't and would never ask.

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