Thursday, June 14, 2012

Writing brain function: Normal.

My writers block seems to be gone!
I've been making up stories about every second person I see and even writing some of them... in a very lazy fashion, but nonetheless it seems I want to write again because for awhile there I almost felt like not writing at all. It was a terrible moment for me. I questioned whether I even wanted to bother any more then started crying and had a little mental panic attack which suggests it is quite possibly rather important to me that I continue... rather.

I've also decided I don't care how good a writer I am. I just give up. I'm never going to be as good as I want to be. I'm never going to write perfectly. The only thing I can do is continue writing and improving cause it makes me happy and it's like my fucking therapy.

I'd also like to state that these blog posts (and anything I post on tumblr) DO NOT COUNT! These are effortless (usually) and just for fun I suppose (most of the time) I don't really count them as 'serious' writing. Serious writing is sitting down and taking a lot of time and effort to create some kind of perfection. Basically you torture yourself a lot (and this is what I love?).

Anyway. I actually edited a story I've been working on for like, a year or so which made me feel better and I have another one I want to start, so yay!
It's also nice to have my brain back in this place where I feel inspired all the time (that sounds cheesy, it totally is). It's nice. It makes life sooooo much less dull and more bearable. Not that it was really dreadful before, but I'm happier here. So much happier.

Okay. That is all. 

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