Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A List of Awesome things about living on your own

1. Nobody eats your food when you're not home (unless you say they can)
2. You can leave the house as messy or clean as you like it.
3. You have complete control about furniture and artwork placement
4. You can walk around in your underwear (when there is no roommate)
5. Having a live in 24hr/7 days a week bestfriend!
6. You can stay up as late as you like watching TV in the living room!
7. You can play music in any part of the house and nobody will care.
8. You can cook your own meals and never have to worry about sharing (unless you want too)
9. Your stuff doesn't randomly move around.
10. Keeps me busy with responsibilities and shit like that. Which I like, cause I need to be constantly busy with something or I go a little loopy and get super restless. 

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