Sunday, May 27, 2012

Working on me.

Okay so I probably watched one too many Sex + videos, but now I can't get ideas about sex, body positivity, feminism and friendship outta my head.

Also standing up for myself.

I need to lay it all out. Here. On my blog.

So I'll start from where my own train of thought began:

I had this realization that I really like it when people touch my waist area. Now, I know y'all is like, so what Terri, I'm sure lots of people enjoy that, but let me finish guys! In general, I think I just like waists and waist touching (that almost sounds dirty, but I don't mean it like that!) because I think that inherently I've got an obsession with them because my own isn't perfect. Not my waist to be clear, but my stomach area, in appearance. I honestly didn't understand why I had a scar when I was a kid and I hated when other kids asked me about it because I found it confusing, like, why the fuck are they so fascinated by this thing? It's always been there. I mean I'm fascinated with it, but I'm fascinated with my entire fucking body, so like, da fuck is wrong with them? As I've grown older I've realized people find scars really unattractive or interesting and they must know how you got it (cause who doesn't like a cool story, right?).

I have a really close friend who pointed out to me one day that my scar is kinda unattractive. At the time I just agreed with her and now I'm like WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING? I love my scar. I think it looks really neat. I mean, nobody else in the entire world has a stomach that appears as awesome as mine does. Like, sorry guys. So I'ma stop hiding it under those lose shirts I like to wear and not be afraid of a tiny dress (cause I have been and that's silly). Also to the friend that made me feel rotten about it, well fuck you cause I don't and I don't care how 'unattractive' anyone finds it I will flaunt it till the end of the fucking earth.
Done. I feel better now.

I was gonna write a bunch of other stuff about sex, but I'm honestly too lazy and tired to edit and research it like I should so that'll be a different post. Sorry lovelies. Have a good night! :) 


beaglebot said...

Scars fascinate others, in both good and bad ways, because they are old pan that you can actually see.

As far as being sexy, let me just say:
Padma Lakshmi

I don't have a fetish for scars but I don't find them unattractive, they're just a part of who someone is.

brodieman1000 said...

a more skin showing Terri, how do a approve without seeming like a pig...

Terri said...

Thank you Beaglebot.
Yes, exactly right.

I never said anything about more skin showing I said tighter clothes and you've already seen me in a bikini anyway.