Saturday, May 12, 2012

Post school writers block

So apparently I've been suffering from some post-school writers block or something cause (as is always the intention) I have not been writing at least every other day... only some days, when I'm not being lazy and I have even been writing anything worthwhile, which seems to happen with me a lot. I need to get on writing some worthy articles, stories or poetry goddamn! Tonight was especially bad because I was browsing around the web and found this chick  whose poetry and writing style I really enjoy and I got excited and was yeah! I'm get on that writing thing and write some new poetry! Yeah!

I honestly have been the worst with poetry lately (actually for the last year or so, but there's not much to say there). I think I mentally decided at some point that all my poetry is terrible and I shouldn't bother with it. Which is not actually true. I have written terrible poetry, but I've also written some okay and close-to-good poetry (or at least people seem to sort of like it! which is cool) so I shouldn't sell myself short so much. I'm really tired of selling myself short actually. I do it too much and I've had enough. I'm stop it. I'm own it.  I'm also gonna try actually writing some new poetry cause like half the stuff I've posted recently (on my tumblr blog) has been old stuff that I've just like edited or reworked from other poems that I didn't like. I need something that is actually new. I also think my last English class ought to be a poetry class. I think I chose something else, but registration is still like month(s) away so I can change all that!

Yeah, poetry writing is happening right now.
Be proud of me lovelies. Be proud. I'ma try and finish at least one poem, then sleeeeeeeeeeeep. 

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