Friday, December 09, 2011

How I am one big fat stereotype.

So this post is about stereotyping, and how I am one. It'll be a list, because as you all know, I love my lists. So here we go, how Terri is one big fat stereotype. 

1. I'm a student

2. I'm an english major

3. I am going to be a librarian. 

4. I'm a writer (in one form another). 

5. I shop at thrift stores.

6. I am a nerd. 

7. I don't like wearing name brands.

8. I'm a locavore.

9. I collect books.

10. I have a blog. 

11. I own apple products. 

12. I spend hours hanging out in coffee shops.

(Have you figured it out yet?)

13. I am unwilling to spend more than $10 on food. 

14. My major talents include procrastinating. 

15. I like to get drunk and dance, a lot. 

If you don't get this, then I dunno... :(
Your lame! lol 
Have a fun rest-of-semester lovelies. I'm gonna go bury myself in a dark cave somewhere... 

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