Friday, December 02, 2011

Can't you feel?

It crept up my spine, forming Icicles
And brushed against my skin making mountains with one lone trunk appear everywhere.
My feet were blue, even in the comfort of my socks.

I watch you dash around an empty kitchen, 
pink cheek'd and merry, 
your bareness offends my body.
You glow, bask, revel even
in the kitchen's dark dankness.

For me, there is an incomprehensibleness about you.
Do you not feel? do you not know? 
Can't you see my icicle, my blue feet, my mountains?
Can't you feel the cold?

Errr so sorta a crap poem I wrote about being cold. Legit took me like two minute so don't take it to seriously, I ain't nothing special (but you aren't actually allowed to agree with that because I live in a deluded world were I think that I AM something special and if you challenge me, the claws come out!) (errr if you know me AT ALL you will see the irony in this) (okay done with the brackets moving on...)


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