Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So here is a sad fact (or cool one, depending how you look at it) I have already begun choosing halloween costumes. I suppose because my store already has costumes in, I'm feeling pressured to think of something! (I really didn't need to justify that, did I?). This year I've decided to pick something I like, not something that's sexy or popular. This is my list so far: Ramona Flowers Death Hello Kitty Pickle Rory Gilmore Gypsy This is just a small list of things that I could beeee. Anyway besides being ridiculously excited for halloween I'm also super excited for school! Tomorrow! Um I sound lame. I like school though and this year, because I'll have no social life, I'ma try to write blog posts more often, hopefully cause I know ya'll reading this want to know what's going on with meeeeee! And what is going on? Well besides picking out halloween costumes, I've been planning my back to school outfit, watching a lot of Doctor Who, but sadly, mostly just working. :( I also got to spend some time with family and made some really awesome new friends this summer, love making new friends. I can't wait to have a bunch more new friends at school this semester (god that sounds super dorky, but then I am kinda super dorky....). I'm also really looking forwards to going to Vancouver this weekend with my best friend, shopping and Taylor Swift, what could be more girly? Maybe cupcakes and ruffles, I suppose. Anywho I'm super tired and excited so I really need to head off to dream land and whatnot. Goodnight lovelies! <3

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CanadianNomad said...

YUSSSS go as Ramona Flowers!!!
And... if there are cupcakes involved in anything bring me some ;)