Sunday, September 06, 2009


Wow I suck at updating this, don't I? I really plan to do better in the future since I will be going back to school soon and not really seeing my friends very much. Maybe I'll use this as a way to keep in contact with people? Thoughts? I'll try and do it weekly anyway, maybe every Sunday or something like that

Any way as I mentioned above I am starting school soon, Wednesday, to be exact and its sort of a love/hate thing cause I know that right now I want to go back, back to the routine of classes and papers and having something interesting to do. At the same time, I know a month or two into school, I'll kind of hate it. All the papers, annoying and great profs and reading, oh the reading...that is what kills me every time. I still just love school thought. All the people and the diversity of it all. I really want to meet some cool new people this year, thats kind of my goal. I also really want to get better grades, my goal there is to get an A in one of my subjects (hopefully English).

This year I also plan to get a locker, something I didn't know I could do last year. That will be a huge help cause I wont have to lug so much stuff around that way. I always felt so stupid carrying around my lunch and books. So dorky. I also have learned something about planning, it is not a good idea to have two hour long breaks in the morning or to not have any sort of break at all. I tried it both ways last year so now I know better.

I want to do more social stuff as well, I'm planning to do a buddy program and take some dance classes. Ballet, god I miss it. The buddy program would mean I would get to meet some cool exchange students, show them around campus do cool things with them. Totally my thing, for sure. I want try and make some other friends as well, I mean I love the friends I do have, I just need to make more connections at the school. It will be a good thing for me. A study group would be a good idea to do this year as well. Hopefully I can find some people in some of my course to make one with, that would be awesome.

Now for my list of goals for the year:
(I've outlined them above, just need something more substantial)

1. earn an A in one of my courses
2. make some new friends
3. have a balanced life, i.e. not to much studying, but not too much fun either
4. have a locker, a lunch break and time to study everyday
5. remember to go out once in awhile (movies, dinner, clubing)

Now for the stuff I am looking forwards to at school:

1. having structure again
2. not as much working
3. all the cute UVic boys (yeah I know I'm shallow)
4. seeing my uvic friends
5. meeting new people
6. all of my classes
7. lunches with friends at camosun or uvic

Yeah so I am kind of so excited about school...REALLY excited!!!
Gaaaaaah I know in about a week or to i'll be bored and home sick and hating all the papers, but for now I'm just going to focus on the postative stuff and not worry about the negative cause its just not worth it.

Okay thats all for now, I'm going to focus all my attention on Dirty Dancing and a book.

Peace, ya'll

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