Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keeping myself sane...

I completely intended to post this last night, well that just didn't happen! So yesterday was my first day back, and damn did it go better than I expected. First off I assumed I would eventually run into people I knew and some of my friends, I just didn't think I would run into so many of them in one day. My classes went well as well. Profs all seem to be pretty cool, and the classes are definitely interesting. So I'm going to give a brief run down on the day, starting with English, then going through to Religious studies and lunch with Ariana and Sydney, also I had a fun bus ride back with Sydney so I'll toss some details of that in to...I may finish this off later on though since I don't have to catch the bus in an hour here...

The day started off good, I woke up to discover a GIANT spider crawling in my bed (as in under the covers in, not over them!). Since I basically loath spiders I kind of just ran out of the room and enlisted my grandfather to help, who was more than happy to be useful to me. The rest of the morning went by with out a hitch, showered, dressed, ate, ran out the door towards the bus stop which is literary a minute or two from my house. Still some how missed the bus I wanted to catch, but no worries there. Finally I made it to school and my first class. English. Now my friend Julia had warned me that the prof was pretty boring and that she had hated him, so I was expecting some, well, boring. The prof I got is alright, not really that great or anything, but he seemed nice enough and tried his best to be helpful which is all you can ask really, well I mean besides being a good teacher and knowing the subject haha, bot those are kind of obvious.

Second class of the day was Psychology which, as I expected, was a very intro-y course. The type for first years where they just assume you don't know how to do anything, and explain it all too you? Yeah so it was completely boring. If I hadn't had to attend the first day, I wouldn't have bothered. I was, however, surprised to see my cousin sitting in one of the back rows when I walked in, scanning for a seat. We sat together, but then basically failed to talk about anything because neither of us really have anything in common to talk about...maybe this class will change that? Another "intro-y" thing that this class did, that I found hilarious, was a warning about the swine flu and how if you were feeling even the least little bit sick, not to come to school at all, this just made me laugh because nobody in there right mind is going to bother missing school because they feel like they could be getting sick, though this is a rather good preventative method I really feel that it isn't going to work. I mean think about all the people that would abuse that, profs everywhere will be getting emails, "Dear Professor some and some I was feeling a little bit under the weather today and decide that for the benefit of the other students, it would probably be wise for me to stay home today...etc" well really that person is sitting at home all day with friends/room mates playing video games or out at the mall shopping. Its just so silly.

After Psychology I had intended to go and get a locker, but bumped into Andrea, a girl who I had previously taken french with, we decided to catch up on each others goings on and eat together. As always Andrea had been up to something super cool sound and do-gooder-y, which is why I like her. After we ate and talked, we split into our different directions. She headed to the library while I headed towards the SUB. On my way I bumped into more friends from last year, Julia and Nicole, two hilarious awesome girls from my history class. So of course it was mandatory for me to stop and catch up with them (and I am sure they will be two people I will see plenty more of!) I talked with them until I had to go to my next class, which was Religious Studies, which I am sure will become my favourite.

When I first got to the class room I was unsure as to weather I should go in or not, it seemed like there were a lot of people waiting in the hall, but only a couple of class rooms in that general area, finally I decided that it was in fact safe to enter the room and find the seat. I had already decided on the second row and chose one relatively in the middle. As more and more people arrived I began to wounder what had happened to the prof, and why he was showing up late to his first unit of the course. Finally about 5 minutes late the prof and TA showed up. The first thing I thought when I saw him was this is exactly what I expected. He was a middle aged man, with one of those shoulder bags one often associates with hippies or students and a simple sweater on with shorts and dress shoes despite the rain. He immidently apoglized for there late arrival and began talking about the course and him self. The TA was less homely looking, she was about my height but with black hair, and blunt bangs, she wore low cut jeans and heels, and was stunning looking, like some sort of hollywood actress or model. She didn't speak the entire class, just smiled and handed out the course outlines. She had some sort of forigein (maybe russian?) sounding name. I couldn't help but watching her, she was calm and impassive looking, there was no pretensiousness or any self absorption on her face. Like some other pretty girls.

That was all for the course, after RS I went to meet Ariana outside of the library and bumped into Sydney instead, so the three of us ended up going and eating lunch (snack, in my case) in the biblio cafe, which in my opinion is the best place to eat on campus, of course, i haven't really eaten anywhere else besides the cafeteria, but so far that is my opinion. Ariana and Sydney seemed to get along well and we all just chatted about our classes, profs and other school related subjects, finally we took a trip down to Ariana's locker and then walked her part way to class. After Sydney and I went to catch the 26, there were a few other things which delayed us from catching the bus right away, but they were not related to me so I will not include them here. We caught a bus finally after much debate as to which bus we should catch and had an entertaining bus ride together, to langford exchange.

That was a rather brief and uninteresting account of my first day back, but that is the only way I can put it down at this point since I have already forgotten many details as that day has been eclisped by this one. I will maybe write more tomorrow, but probably not till next week. Maybe next wednesday anyway I must go make something to eat before work. Thats all for now, Peace

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