Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour! :)

My family and I celebrated Earth Hour last year and thought it was an awesome idea and had fun doing it, so this year we were all for doing it again. We started off the evening by watching Planet Earth DVDs which if you haven't seen I recommend you go out and rent right away, I was skeptical at first as well, then, this evening, my sister forced me to watch them, and they were completely beautiful and awesome! When 8:30 arrived we shut off all the lights, having already lighten candles around the house in the most used rooms, then we got out a game of Bookopoly, which is just monopoly, but with books and played that for an hour. So I would say that Earth Hour was a great success in our house and we will most definitely be doing it again. Also I found the Planet Earth DVD very inspirational and I plan on trying to be better about leaving lights on and recycling, that is my goal for this year, and forever really because you can never do enough!
Any way happy Earth Hour or whatever, and I'm out

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