Thursday, February 26, 2009

1000 words...NOT

I wondering what three hundred and twenty five words looks like? Can anyone tell me, please? I really need to know and I’m lazy and not writing them all down my self! Its for this HUGE sociology essay I’m writing. In fact I am writing this right now the the essay in order to see how much more I need to beef this thing up! So far I am only at about seven hundred and fifty two! Oh dear, my foot just fell asleep, I hate that feeling so much! Ouch! Seven hundred and seventy one. Darn!!! I still need two hundred and twently eight. Uuuuuugh!!!! This is not cool!!! OMG I just realized something! Holy crapperz! Once I finish doing all the citing and write the conclusion I should be pretty damn close to this! I may need to just beef it up a little bit in some parts and what not, but other than that I am almost there XD yay!!! Okay well maybe I should actually go back to writing the essay and not this, because this is uber silly and and SUCH waste of time! Wow fuck, I totally need to have at least another page here, this is not cool, I dunno how I can beef this goddamn essay up any more! Haha I might just be an uber loser and post this in my blog, at least it wont be a complete waste then :P. Only partly a waste...Ha who am I kidding this is a complete waste of time! I could probably got almost this much written in the essay by now! Holy crapperz I am at nine hundred and fifty five words! Yay! This is awesome I am also there, with my completely pointless “blog” entry, which wont even make any sense to anyone but me cause I am JUST soooo cool that way! Yeah, baby :P. Okay so I need like a fucking page more!

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