Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Community" sites

I have decided to write a list of all the web sites I have joined (like the "community" ones or what ever you call them).

Nexopia: NiTe*AnGeL
My space: Faomosgirl (URL is http://www.myspace.com/shyswgirl)
Piczo: NiTe_AnGeL (url is http://niteangel.piczo.com/?cr=2&rfm=y)
Bebo: ShyswGirl (url is http://shyswgirl.bebo.com)
Tagged: Faomosgirl (url is http://www.tagged.com/faomosgirl)
Flip: Faomosgirl
My Yearbook: Faomosgirl
IMVU: Faomosgirl
Penpal International: Shy_sw_girl
Gaia Online: Faomosgirl
Facebox: Faomosgirl (url is http://en.facebox.com/faomosgirl)

I think that's it for now I will try and remember some more...


1 comment:

Alanna said...

Heyo. 'Tis Alanna. Can you IM me the link to your Myspace profile? because I can't find you on there. Nice display name, by the way, Lyra - Philip Pullman, I presume? =D ttyl