Sunday, July 03, 2011

What I've been doing.

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog again. I also miss writing since I haven't been doing a good job of actually working on anything. I have one story which is near completion, but I keep finding things wrong with it or rereading it and changing things! It's taking sooooo long! I just want it to be perfect so it'll get publish somewhere!

Hmmm so what else have I been up too? Hanging out with friends a lot, way way to much facebook, work (as usual), listening to a lot of music lately and watching Doctor Who (which is an undertaking in it's self, but I'm only watching the newer episodes). I've also been spending a healthy amount of time at the beach, at least once a week! :D and downtown more than once a week, which makes me want to move there even more.

I've been online dating again, it's just to easy, but some advice, don't go liking boys who aren't even in the same country as you or that are just to old! It's sorta depressing.

Still slugging my way through Jane Eyre, I've decide that I totally love her character. As well as Mr. Rochester, cause he's sort of a mystery. I also like how they build and give Jane's character depth by using Mr. Rochester, seriously amazing. The writing style is also beautiful, it draws you right in and the description of the scenery are minimal, without being dull or lacking. They give just enough to build your own idea which is perfect.

My fam's summer house is now open so I'm super stoked to go out there, probs will be able to finish with Miss Eyre. It's such an amazing place, we have our own beach and large yard (about 2 acres) and a decent sized old house, which I completely adore. All my cousins will also be out there so I'm super stoked to see and catch up with them all! I'm sorta jealous my little sister gets to baby sit two of my younger cousins for the ENTIRE summer! They are two of the cutest and most fun kids ever! I cannot wait to see them!!!

I got an article published, HERE which I am super happy about and hopefully I'll get them to publish some more. I'm thinking I'll do some sort of comedy piece or something more fun, but I dunno yet.

Another thing, that summer reading list and the list of stuff I want to do this summer? Not really happening, like at all, but I'm sure I'll get some of it down. Not all, but some. Anyway that is about all I've got say for now. I PROMISE to come out with something more interesting soon! Maybe some pictures or a poem?

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Dolly Daydream said...

Ive got the Jane Eyre book, but ive never got around to reading it. I suppose, i was slightly put of, because it took me almost a year to read Pride & Prejudice! :)
Oh, i hope your book does get published, sounds exciting! :)