Sunday, November 06, 2011

Getting that christmas spirit back!

Since I've worked in a busy retail store for the past three years christmas has been ruined for me. I wish I could say the magic was still there, I still got excited around the holiday time, bells and bobtails made me grin etc, but this is not the case, I feel a gnawing fear of what will I get for everybody this year? Do I buy something for the grandparents? the cousins? The best friends? I can never tell. So I've decided I need to feel a little more christmas spirit-y-ish and I'm gonna write this weeks list in honour of christmas! I know it's early for a christmas list, but I'd like to get into the christmas spirit early so I can have a better christmas this year. This i'll be one of those no negativity lists. Stuff I like about christmas time: Christmas movies Candy Stockings the food eggnog Christmas morning no school dressing up baking Craft fairs Presents Doctor Who Christmas special! Christmas dinner Christmas parties

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