Thursday, May 19, 2011


I must stop making excuses about everything, mostly about my life. I'm getting tired of waiting for things to happen. Somethings I want I know I have to wait on, like getting a motorcycle or publishing a novel. I'll get there, it'll just take a little more time, money and work. I'm down with that, I just get impatient. Yet, there are other things which I must stop putting off, like performing at tomorrow nights poetry slam. My little sister keeps harassing me about and I keeping saying I don't have anything ready, I'm scared and I'm not good enough. I want to silence this voice! I am so sick of myself. Of course I can do it, I already know that, I can do anything I want or need to do. My life, so far, has taught me that I am capable of far more than I give myself credit for, that's why I push myself. I'm also incredibly lazy. I put everything off to the last minute and only do things I don't like half-heartedly.

Another thing I've been sort of putting off is moving out. I want to. I don't like living at home any more it's boring. Three of my bestfriends have already moved out and I'm really jealous. Today, a really close friend asked me if I wanted to move out with her, so I said maybe. I'm gonna have to save more money, spend less, work more, dance less, I'll have to learn to cook, good thing I can already clean. Luckily I already know everything there is to know about this friend... you could say we're like sisters. Actually it has been said. Anyway there has always been some reason for not moving out, money, and school mostly. I've had it though, I'm just gonna tell her yes, beg my dad for money and do it. I don't want to be here any more. If we can get a cheap place I'll get my dad  to cover rent and I'll be able to afford it. I hate this idea more than I'm willing to admit to anyone again. I mean the not paying for rent thing, but it's the only way I can see to do this. I'm also gonna have to up my credit limit :S. I guess that credit card is never getting paid off. Kids, if your reading this, please avoid credit cards! Bad news I tell you! Mr. Visa is not your friend.

Anyway I know I promised better updates for this week, but I've been working a lot and I'm tired. I meant to go to bed ages ago :S. I promise I'll have something cooler for you tomorrow or Friday! Promise! Night lovelies. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can do it! Yes, you can do anything you want or need to do!Repeat it like a mantra!

Listen to me, it's like I'm coaching you. Sorry!

Keep us updated on moving out, I'd be interested to hear how it works for you. :)