Monday, October 19, 2009

Psych...maybe I do know something?

I'm really good at failing to study, talented at it in fact. This note expresses some of that extreme talent...lately all I've wanted to do is write and not study. I don't really care how fast people for get sensory memories, it just reminds me how fragile they are. I hate that when people say, "at least you have the memory of it/them/that/whatever cause memory isn't really real or constant, it grows and changes over time, warps to what we wanted the moment to be, I know when I'm remembering a moment it isn't really real, it's just me taking the bare minimum of those few seconds and highlighting what I want to matter, then elaborating on this. Memories change and grow, just as thoughts and ideas do, because that is simply all they are. Thoughts and ideas of the past. We can't really rely on them for any sort of truth of explanation because they are never really that accurate, ah but now I am just repeating my self!

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Interesting thoughts.